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The clever eBanking server that prepares you for the future today


multi:hub is the central eBanking server within your architecture. It connects different client access channels with your backend systems. Banks and service providers can merge existing portal solutions, offline systems and proprietary channels for different target audiences and countries in a single central middleware. Of course, we fully support standardised communication via EBICS.

In interaction with the multi:versa platform, multi:hub offers clever synchronisation of client data and advanced information, such as rights and roles. Your administrators will love multi:hub – and your clients will be impressed by its speed.

multi:hub offers:

  • Standardised communication with corporate clients via EBCIS, SWIFT, Host2Host and Open Banking APIs
  • Secure data exchange in particular for payment files and reporting, including checking of electronic signatures
  • Format conversion from any input format to any output format
  • Maximum performance for peak loads at month or year end
  • Standardised routing plus individual plug-in library for further processing
  • Comprehensive monitoring and seamless integration into IT architecture

Switch it up a gear and reach maximum performance with your banking server.

As middleware, multi:hub opens up new channels for the efficient exchange of payments and files between your corporate clients and your bank. Increase performance with intelligent processing and bundling in multi:hub.

With multi:hub, you are providing your clients with the fastest and most secure solution for submitting and allocating payments and reports according to the latest EBICS or SWIFT standards. Thanks to the clever Payment Factory, multi:hub also takes over the entire processing and harmonisation of transactions – across all channels.

As a result, multi:hub directs orders to your backend exactly as it needs it – converters or extensive adjustments carried out by the backend in the event that standards change are therefore a thing of the past.

multi:hub makes your transactions efficient – and thanks to our plug-and-play reg-tech expansions, you will be prepared today for the standards of tomorrow.









Increase the efficiency of your payment without much effort

Harmonising payment channels can be a tough challenge. In addition to technical standards, regulatory issues also play a key role in this line of business. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a solution that meets these requirements without hassle and that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing ecosystem at the same time?

multi:hub tackles exactly this challenge. With wide support for European and international eBanking standards and an API-based connection to your existing backend systems, you will be ready for clients’ increasing demands. And simple expansion concerning new regulatory standards or formats is also guaranteed – more than 200 payment formats and EBICS for Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria are always included.

Central hub for all your e-banking data

Client Missions


UniCredit delights its clients in numerous European markets with a strong EBICS offer consisting of the entire multi:versa platform range.


In addition to the completely new EBICS portal based on multi:bank, Raiffeisen Switzerland benefits from a central connection to the backend and the creation of central client and user administration.


As a bank for the mid-sized sector, LBBW understand the needs of its clients. With multi:hub, it delights clients with rapid processing of orders, and makes administration in the central portal easier for staff.

Highlight Features

multi:hub doesn’t just integrate and link current eBanking standards such as EBICS and SWIFT, but also proprietary host2host communication and Open Banking APIs.

As a central hub for receiving and forwarding all eBanking information, user-friendly, multi-lingual interfaces for web-based administration and management independent of time and place are only natural.

Offer stability, security and performance for multi-banking - use multi:hub to integrate your corporate clients.

multi:hub supports all EBICS standards for Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria, including all versions, even V2.X and V3.X in parallel.

Optimise your multi-banking support based on one system – for EBICS and all other access channels.

International markets and different groups of corporate clients require processing of different payment and account information formats.

Reduce internal costs and offer the perfect service with the integrated multi:hub Payment Factory.

Our wide range of open APIs allows you the effortless connection of additional frontends and backends, the exchange of master data as well as the expansion of processing steps.

Use multi:hub according to your individual needs and quickly and easily connect other systems.

Our open APIs are available to you.


  • Multi-lingual administration
  • Granular rights concept according to an N-control principle as well as separation of system administrators and client support.
  • Language-independent, controlled by selection of the browser language
  • Comprehensive research options, including status tracking
  • Statistics for clients, profits, orders etc.
  • Bank-specific audit logging
  • Modern Java architecture
  • Multi-client capability with logical or physical separation of data
  • High level of scalability, thanks to cluster capability, load balancing and fail-over mechanisms
  • Checking of authorisations, signatures and limits
  • Format validation
  • Payment Factory for the conversion of transaction files including data enhancement
  • Direct (streaming-based) data processing
  • Routing/rule-based workflow engine
  • Provision of account statements and other reporting data (camt, MT94x, pain.002 etc.)
  • Availability of more than 99.9%
  • Conversion of around 40,000 transactions per second
  • Maximum file size in practical tests of 8 GB
  • More than 100,000 corporate clients in parallel in a productive system
  • EBICS V2.X and V3.X (in parallel, too) including German, French and Swiss features (DK, CFONB, SIX, Stuzza, EPC, ISO)
  • 200 national and international formats SEPA, CGI, SWIFT, DTAZV etc.
  • Integration framework for frontend and backend integration (Webservice, API, Batch)
    - Plug-in integration of modules created by you
    - Standardised integration into external monitoring and logging
  •  Migration of legacy systems including cryptographic keys and retrieval data

 Payment Factory

Fast Track to multi:hub

A central Payment Factory will be of interest to your bank if you want to offer individual options to your corporate clients, in addition to standardised formats and methods of submission.

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