coco:EBICS offers you and your corporate clients a wide portfolio related to the specification: EBICS Server, EBICS Portal, EBICS Kernel API, EBICS App. All solutions are permanently adapted to the new EBICS versions and made available as a ready-to-go product.

The best EBICS-based multi-banking solutions for corporate payments!

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coconet has developed a SWIFT gpi Tracker for the multi:bank and multi:versa banking platform products. The SWIFT gpi Tracker that uses and analyses SWIFT gpi data significantly improves international transactions for corporate clients.

Create a global payment experience!

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coco:R2P is a digital bridge between invoices and payments and makes the processes easier for everyone involved: banks, trade clients, corporate clients and retailers.

A chance to make the rules!

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coco:PSD2 supports banks with the quick implementation of legal requirements specified by the PSD2Guidelines by providing a publicly accessible interface that allows third parties access to account information and payment information.

Get a significant boost!

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