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Ditch the doubts, embrace the data!


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is indispensable in our everyday lives. Social networks, car manufacturers or the health system have already integrated comprehensive AI services into their processes. In banking, too, the use of big data and AI is increasing enormously. Starting with simple applications such as chat bots or solutions for fraud prevention, the focus often remains on private banking. But corporate banking and transactions are also ideal areas of application.

Do you want to benefit from artificial intelligence, too? coco:intelligence means the modular expansion of our product range using big data and AI components to optimise your business.

coco:intelligence will give you an additional boost!

coco:intelligence will provide you with:

  • a comprehensive big data and AI tool set, integrated in multi:versa
  • functional use cases from chat bots to automatic reconciliation
  • a cloud-agnostic approach with access to multiple services provided by hyperscalers
  • preparation of federated learning for optimisation via decentralised data
  • support of the “actionable insights” concept in Treasury

coco:intelligence makes your multi:versa as intelligent as your clients need it!

The use of complex data and artificial intelligence cannot easily be illustrated with existing modules and processes. In this respect, we learned from other industries.

coco:intelligence offers integrated features within the multi:versa platform and therefore access to functional use cases within the existing environment. This also ensures that all existing data and features are efficiently re-used because they are the fuel for all AI use cases - how much artificial intelligence shall your multi:versa use?

And if you have additional ideas, our Innovation Division offers numerous support options, whether by accessing multi:versa data or joint development of new approaches, specifically tailored to your bank. When shall we discuss your individual requirements?

The use of large data quantities and artificial intelligence is already standard practice in banking, specifically in private banking but also in risk management. In corporate banking, however, what is known as “Actionable Insights” are much more complex to generate for clients. Data is spread across many silos and countries, even within the bank. Similarly, much more disparate structures and rights relating to data and results access can be found on the client side.

Would it not be ideal if there was a platform that takes these requirements into account and offers a set of features that can be expanded by the user?

coco:intelligence expands the multi:versa platform exactly by those components that are required for use cases in the context of big data and AI nowadays.

It uses existing backend connections, data pools and aggregations, as well as frontend features and rights – our AI provides you with seamless support. 

Highlight Features

Additional insights based on all available data with specific suggestions for the next action.

Expand multi:versa via access to all available data, and provide your clients and staff with new insights that offer support.

Improved efficiency when matching forecasts in cash management, thanks to more individual suggestions – even for complex contexts.

Reduce your clients’ outlays in reconciliation and use integrated suggestions within liquidity management.

Using coco:intelligence, you can expand the existing feature for digital co-operation with corporate clients via a chat bot.

Prepare for the new digital future in corporate banking.

Have your staff represented virtually – but only at your clients request.

Accelerate manual payments based on information from previous entries. Or indicate noticeable deviations.

Tomorrow’s payment entry independently detects what the next step is likely to be.

Offer your clients more support with easy tasks!

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