Leveraging the Power of AI Integration

Welcome to the future of corporate banking powered by AI. Discover how coconet revolutionises multi:versa Corporate Banking Platform with AI-driven features.

Streamline processes, gain actionable insights, and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Explore the power of AI integration in multi:versa's Corporate Banking Platform.

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1. Customer Behaviour

AI-driven insights into customer behaviours have transformed the way we interact with our banking applications. With the "Recommended Favourites" feature, multi:versa intelligently suggests frequently visited menu items, improving user convenience and efficiency.

Enhance user experience with personalised recommendations. Discover frequently visited menu items tailored to each user's preferences.

Streamline workflows and enhance user experience with multi:versa's smart memory feature. Personalised defaults and settings remember each individual's preferences and past interactions across various sections, such as account statements, reports, and payments. Say goodbye to manual configuration efforts and enjoy improved productivity, increased satisfaction, and a seamless banking experience.

  • A customer rapidly switches off the computer at the end of the day and leaves.

  • The next morning, upon opening the multi:versa corporate banking dashboard, the user is prompted with a helpful message.

  • The AI-powered system recognises that the user didn't complete a process or analysis from the previous day.

  • The system offers to restore the user's last settings, allowing them to seamlessly pick up where they left off.

  • Leveraging customer behaviour insights, multi:versa optimises the user experience by proactively remembering and restoring previous settings.

  • This personalised feature enhances efficiency, ensures continuity, and boosts productivity for users.

  • Enjoy the convenience of personalised settings and a streamlined workflow with multi:versa's AI-driven platform.

2. Actionable Insights

AI-empowered functionalities provide actionable insights that drive informed decision-making. The AI-driven natural search capability allows users to intuitively navigate the platform without relying on complex queries. The inclusion of frequent payments and alerts for new events further enhances user efficiency and keeps them informed of crucial updates.

Empower users with intuitive searching. Find information and perform tasks effortlessly through AI-driven natural language search.

multi:versa utilises machine learning to learn payment patterns and leverage AI to detect and suggest recommendations, especially for deviations from established payment patterns. Benefit from intelligent suggestions that enhance efficiency and accuracy in payment processing.

multi:versa supports new smart widgets and an option on the payment creation screen, listing all frequent payments. Users can quickly initiate payments based on previously created frequent payment templates, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

AI-driven alerts generated proactively by the system based on the analysis of data and patterns. These notifications are designed to provide relevant and valuable information, suggestions, or updates that cater to individual user preferences and behaviours.

  • A customer opens their multi:versa dashboard and receives a recommendation based on their payment behaviour.
  • The system, powered by machine learning and AI, analyses the customer's usual payment patterns.
  • It detects that the regular payment for the office space rental is pending and suggests initiating the payment.
  • The customer benefits from intelligent recommendations that enhance efficiency and accuracy in payment processing.
  • By leveraging machine learning and AI, multi:versa learns payment patterns and provides personalised suggestions for deviations from established patterns.
  • The customer can easily review and initiate the recommended payment, ensuring timely and accurate processing.

3. Sales & Marketing

Leveraging AI-driven analytics, multi:versa enables banks to gain valuable insights into customer behaviours, facilitating the creation of personalised advertising campaigns. Bank advisers can connect with customers on a deeper level, delivering tailored solutions that meet their unique needs and preferences.

Harness the power of AI to analyse customer behaviour and deliver targeted marketing and sales campaigns. Personalise your advertising based on customer preferences and create meaningful connections. 

multi:versa's customer performance analysis is an AI-powered feature that provides valuable insights into customer behaviour and transaction patterns. By monitoring historical data and detecting deviations, the system alerts relationship managers to significant changes in transaction volumes (e.g. payments, trade finance, FX etc.). This enables targeted advertising and personalised communication to address customer needs and enhance satisfaction, ultimately driving growth in the corporate banking business, as well as alerting of advisers in case of unwanted customer behaviour.

  • When a corporate banking customer typically executes a specific number and volume of FX trades in the last month of each year, it becomes a predictable pattern.
  • However, this year, the total volume has significantly decreased.
  • With the intelligence of multi:versa, the system recognises that the customer added a new multi-banking connectivity to another bank. It promptly alerts the relationship manager, providing all the relevant information.
  • The analysis points out the potential root cause of the FX volume reduction: the new bank relationship.
  • Armed with these insights, the relationship manager can propose a solution, including targeted advertising and personalised contact with the client to address their needs and improve overall customer performance.

4. Custom Workflows

At coconet, we understand that every bank has its own unique workflows. Our platform offers customisable solutions to optimise onboarding processes, enhancing efficiency and ensuring a seamless customer experience.

During the onboarding process, multi:versa offers recommended solution options to optimise processes and enhance the customer experience. Users benefit from streamlined onboarding procedures and improved efficiency. 

In addition to its existing functionalities, multi:versa Corporate Banking Platform incorporates an AI chatbot. The chatbot serves as a self-service assistant, internal help desk, financial assistant, and product adviser. It can redirect users to the FAQ section, guide them through specific processes, or escalate to a human bank adviser when needed.

  • Customer starts a loan application but doesn't complete it.
  • AI chatbot detects the incomplete process and alerts the customer adviser.
  • Customer adviser utilises personalised content, like targeted messages or banners, to indirectly address the customer.
  • The goal is to guide the customer back to the loan application or provide alternative solutions.
  • multi:versa's AI chatbot offers seamless support through FAQ guidance, process assistance, and human escalation.
  • The AI chatbot enhances customer satisfaction and operational efficiency by providing tailored assistance and valuable resources.

5. Liquidity Management

Our powerful liquidity management capabilities, enhanced by AI-driven components, provide banks with the tools they need to efficiently manage their cash flow. Features such as automatic cash pooling, forecast reconciliation, and smart forecasting optimisation ensure that liquidity management is streamlined and future-proof.

Benefit from AI-driven components that enhance liquidity management. Experience automatic cash pooling, forecast reconciliation, and smart forecasting optimisation for a seamless experience.

Benefit from automated recognition of recurring payments, precise cash flow projections based on behavioural data, and optimised liquidity and credit utilisation at the individual account level. Enhance your forecasting capabilities and enable real-time cash pooling and interest optimisation with multi:versa.

  • A customer receives a system notification from multi:versa suggesting cash pooling for better interest rates.
  • AI-driven components optimise liquidity management, offering automatic cash pooling and forecast reconciliation.
  • Customer benefits from streamlined cash pooling, accurate liquidity tracking, and improved interest rate optimisation.
  • Smart forecasting optimisation, a planned future enhancement, promises even more advanced liquidity management.
  • By leveraging AI-driven components, multi:versa empowers customers to maximise liquidity efficiency and financial performance.

6. Payments

AI integration in payment processes simplifies and automates various tasks. From generic payment determination and automatic payment format detection and AI-powered payment tracking beyond Swift gpi, multi:versa empowers banks with efficient and error-free payment processing.

multi:versa leverages AI to streamline payment creation by automatically detecting the format and category from user-provided fields, enabling seamless customisation.

During the import of payment files, multi:versa offers the option to intelligently detect the payment format and category. This automated feature saves time and effort for users, ensuring seamless and accurate payment processing.

Optimise cross-border payments with AI-powered algorithms. Stay updated on expected payment timelines, fees, and alternative remitter account recommendations for smoother transactions.

To prevent cross-border payment rejections due to incorrect data, multi:versa conducts preliminary checks. By using AI it verifies the recipient account's validity and other payment data before initiating the transfer, providing quick feedback on erroneous or incomplete beneficiary data. This will save time and additional fees.

Get AI-enhanced insights for fraud detection analysis at the entry point of the payment to detect and stop CEO fraud and other fraud attack patterns as early as possible. Extend the information by browser data and user behaviour when typing in the payment.

  • A user initiates a cross-border payment through multi:versa.
  • Before initiating the transfer, multi:versa conducts preliminary checks on the recipient account and other payment data.
  • The system verifies the validity of the recipient account and the other data to ensure the accuracy of the payment information.
  • If the recipient account is found to have erroneous or incomplete beneficiary data, or other payment data is erroneous or incomplete, multi:versa provides quick feedback to the user.
  • The user is promptly notified of any issues, such as incorrect or missing information, allowing them to rectify the errors.
  • By catching and addressing these issues early on, multi:versa helps avoiding unnecessary delays and potential payment rejections.
  • The preliminary checks provided by multi:versa serve as a proactive measure to ensure accurate and smooth cross-border payments.

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