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Cloud use with multi:versa - as individual as your bank!


Cloud strategies are elements of a bank’s digital focus. They form the foundation for implementing innovative, digital business models in ecosystems that require compliance with regulatory requirements and cost-optimised migration paths. To establish a fully Cloud-based bank, a flexible technology platform and an efficient partner are indispensable.

Do you also want to benefit from the Cloud and Cloud technologies? coco:cloud represents the technological opportunities of our product range for using Cloud and microservices.

coco:cloud provides you with all the options and complete control!

coco:cloud embodies the technological focus of multi:versa on requirements in a Cloud context. Do you want to take the next step towards Cloud services and are you looking for the appropriate products for your bank to implement relevant processes? Or are you planning on using your existing infrastructure more efficiently by employing APIs?

No matter your situation – we will support you and accompany you on your journey into the Cloud! With a Cloud-agnostic technology basis for all hyperscalers and complete support of microservices and micro-frontends. Or by providing multi:versa as a Cloud-based SaaS solution.

coco:cloud means access to the advantages of Cloud-based solutions:

  • Innovation and scalability
  • Low complexity of your own IT infrastructure
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Security and stability
  • Flexibility and successive optimisation options

    Start your journey into the Cloud with multi:versa!

Via the Cloud - into the future of banking

Discover the potential of Cloud-based banking

Demands made by corporate clients on their banks have significantly increased over the past years. Particularly high is the demand for digital services that can easily be scaled up or down, are Cloud-ready and can be seamlessly integrated into an existing Cloud infrastructure.

Using coco:cloud Booster, your bank will be able to adapt quickly to new needs and market requirements, integrate new technologies and offer client-focused consultations via all channels.

Not all clouds are the same

Finding an individual strategy

According to a study conducted in 2021 by PwC, auditing and consulting company, the use of Cloud models significantly increased in 2021 compared with 2018. The percentage of Private Cloud use, in particular, rapidly grew by 37%.

When making suggestions about outsourcing Cloud services, the European Banking Authority (EBA) differentiates between the Public, Private, Hybrid and Virtual Private Cloud models. Thanks to multi:versa, you will be ready for action in all environments.

Rent and use the Cloud infrastructure offered by the large Cloud providers such as Microsoft, Google or Amazon.

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Scalability
  • Added value offered by Cloud providers (e.g. regarding AI, big data etc.) can be easily combined with the existing range

Use the Cloud and orchestration technology in your own or rented data centre to ensure maximum independence.

  • A high level of security, full control
  • Independence
  • Can be completely personalised

Public and Private Cloud models are used in combination

  • Combine the advantages of different Cloud options
  • Sensitive data is protected more effectively, flexibility (Private Cloud)
  • Scalability, cost-efficiency, unlimited storage space (Public Cloud)

VPC combines the first three models. A Public Cloud is divided to support multiple clients so that individual areas can be used similar to a Private Cloud.

Individual users have clear usage allocations, which really brings the advantages of data security into focus.

Software-as-a-Service (SAAS)

Your digital corporate client platform out-of-the-box

Would you like to use Cloud technologies but not have anything to do with the basic technology? Are you only interested in the service you can offer your clients?

Then the Software-as-a-Service offer provided by coconet is perfect for you. Together with our efficient partners, we are offering you the multi:versa platform as a complete service in Europe.

In fully certified data centres with comprehensive banking expertise, of course! This means you can use all the advantages of a digital corporate client platform based on multi:versa without constructing your own technology capacities. Your clients will love it!

Managed Cloud

Leveraging the advantages of both worlds

Would you like to benefit from the advantages of the Cloud but you currently don’t have the required resources or expertise?

When you use the Managed Cloud, coconet supports your bank with the management, maintenance and operation of the Cloud (Managed Services) as well as consultation services relating to configuration and implementation. When choosing your Cloud, as a bank, you are independent - Public, Private or Virtual.

All multi:versa product components can be used immediately in combination with a Managed Cloud solution. This means you can use all the advantages of the Cloud and expand your expertise gradually.

Using the advantages of the cloud

Innovation through using state-of-the-art technologies
  • Faster development
  • Simple, secure and uncomplicated testing and trying out of new applications
  • Short time-to-market
Efficient use of resources
  • New types of freedom for scaling IT capacities
  • Use-dependent invoicing models (pay-per-use)
  • Reduction of manual steps and the number of your own data centres
Security and stability
  • Quicker maintenance options
  • Acceleration of processes
  • Access to the latest versions
Low complexity of your own IT infrastructure
  • New processes and applications can be flexibly combined for new and old systems via the Cloud
  • Standardised processes in the Cloud environment reduce the use of proprietary solutions
Flexibility and successive optimisation options
  • Different Cloud models provide options for individual needs
  • Gradual approach, as needed

multi:versa ist cloud-ready-to-use

Your bank will be future-proof with the Cloud-agnostic multi:versa platform provided by CoCoNet.

Thanks to CoCoNet’s many years of experience, which is based on the co-operation and exchange with numerous banks, CoCoNet is a reliable partner and can provide targeted support to banks on their journey into the Cloud as well as with established and ready-to-use products.

The comprehensive product range can be used flexibly and is perfect for implementation on application servers as well as in the Cloud.

coco:cloud offers complete, standardised support of OpenShift or K8S.

Choose from different methods of provision:
  • Provision of our software artefacts via a protected public repository: Include our software in your own build pipeline
  • Provision of docker containers that can easily be run in your infrastructure
  • Provision of a secure deployment guide ensuring easier configuration of your infrastructure components such as WAF, Load Balancer etc.

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