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Transactions and cash management for corporate clients - efficient in one access channel


multi:bank is the transaction and cash management product in multi:versa. Your corporate clients’ central access channel to everyday transactions, reporting, liquidity management and much more.

multi:bank is characterised by a smart user experience, including dashboards, and, thanks to its use by numerous banks around the world, is the solution for corporate clients with all kinds of requirements, from SMEs to major companies. Become the focal point for your corporate clients!

multi:bank will support you and your corporate clients

  • to improve payment processes,
  • to gain an ideal overview of their liquidity,
  • to actively shape their cash management.

multi:bank is fully developed for national and international markets. It includes transactions, reporting, account management, liquidity management, cash pooling and many other practical features to meet the requirements of discerning corporate clients, to comply with regulatory specifications and to be able to offer market standards such as SWIFT, EBICS or PSD2. On request, it is also fully multi-bank-capable.

With multi:bank, you will be one step ahead of your clients’ needs!

multi:bank will support you:

  • to improve your user experience
  • to expand your cash management range
  • to increase customer satisfaction

Benefit from the experiences banks all over the world have gained with us and be ready for the future of cash management - with multi:bank.


users worldwide


payment formats


country-specific versions



Introduce ease-of-use and flexibility into your corporate clients’ cash management

Are your corporate clients’ expectations ever-increasing in connection with daily banking? Rules and regulations are intensifying but, by contrast, do your clients hope for easy and intuitive workflows?

Yes, regulatory complexity and increasing client expectations in cash management are a challenge.

With multi:bank, you are providing your clients with a tried-and-tested, future-proof transaction and cash management solution that not only makes your clients’ everyday tasks easier, thanks to native multi-banking and smart user interfaces, but also makes your clients more loyal to you digitally.

Make your corporate clients more successful!

Client Missions


Integrated into ING’s global “Inside Business” client portal, multi:bank offers the entire transaction and cash management range for SMEs and corporations. Throughout Europe.


The Swiss Raiffeisen Group has further expanded its digital range for corporate clients with multi:bank. Improved comfort, thanks to a single multi-banking solution with integrated cash management and a secure EBICS interface.


With “KBC Reach”, KBC offers multi-national payment management based on multi:bank - static as well as on-the-go with multi:apps.

Highlight Features

multi:bank is the central access point for corporate clients to all transaction and cash management features.

Become pivotal for your corporate clients’ daily financial affairs, thus generating new cross-selling potential.

Clear in a configurable dashboard with all relevant information and features in one click.


Intelligent payment entry, payment import and payment release in numerous formats – transparent for the user.

The format portfolio provided by multi:bank offers more than 200 country-specific and continental formats (SEPA, ISO-20022).

This complexity is hidden from users.

Subsequent payment release is simple using a PC or smartphone, thanks to flexible rights management.

Efficient liquidity management tailored to the needs of banks and their corporate clients.

Support your corporate clients in reliable liquidity planning and position yourself as a trustworthy partner for the future.

Access to their accounts - independent of institution, country or currency.

Benefit from our experience with established multi-bank standards such as EBICS, PSD2, SWIFT etc. to allow your clients a comprehensive overview of their financial situation.

Clients, company structures, accounts, entitlements and support managed in one product. Performed by the bank or the client.

Pre-defined roles and profiles will help your clients come on board even more quickly – allowing corporate clients intuitive self-service.

Inspire your clients with user-specific offers and individual features – made available and configured with only one click.

Of course, multi:bank is also available on-the-go with multi:bank App or as a responsive website.

Quite naturally, multi:bank also works as a responsive display on a tablet or smartphone. This means that those who do not use a PC can also enjoy your offer.

And for a full mobile experience use our multi:bank App with additional native features.


  • Individual branding according to the CI of the relevant institution
  • Central display of all relevant information
  • User-specific and role-specific dashboards
  • Individual, interactive widgets
  • Smart configuration and learning function

Central Europe

  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • France
  • Great Britain
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • The Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Switzerland

Eastern Europe

  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary


  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • USA
  • Omni-channel-capable, thanks to responsive design
  • Desktop, tablet & smartphone
  • Native app (iOS & Android)
  • ERP interfaces
  • Direct interfaces – e.g. file interfaces
  • Fully compliant with EBICS & PSD2
  • Token apps compliant with SCA (mobile and desktop)
  • Seamless integration of existing security mechanisms and anti-fraud systems
  • Payments and collections, including sensitive payments and real-time payments
  • Local and bank-specific formats for more than 30 countries
  • International formats such as CGI, SWIFT, SEPA
  • SWIFT gpi - payment status tracking
  • Smart payment creation including invoice scanning
  • Payment import – automatically from ERP systems
  • Payment management using Distributed Digital Signatures (DDS)
  • Individual payment templates & address book
  • Balance display – also in real-time
  • Account management & display of transactions
  • Statements & advice notes using international standard such as MT940/942 or CAMT
  • Displays individually configurable beyond accounts and banks
  • Multi-banking via EBICS or PSD2
  • Cross-bank liquidity overview and planning
  • Intelligent aggregation of currencies, countries or banks
  • Smart liquidity forecast
  • Cash pooling including zero pooling and target pooling
  • APIs for easy synchronisation of master data are available out-of-the-box
  • Integration of other services or data possible at any time via API
  • Generic support for numerous backend systems
  • Simple support of Open Banking APIs
  • Seamless integration with other solutions such as multi:dashboard and multi:hub
  • Granular administration with smart rights profiles for easy client and user management
  • Context-sensitive help functions
  • Interface with common customer analytics tools to support your clients and your Sales Division even more effectively
  • Support for intuitive client self-service
  • Smart notifications for clients and bank staff
  • Support for secure document exchange between bank and client
  • Native support for trustees and account management by third parties


100% multi:bank recommendation

With our apps, your corporate clients not only keep the overview of their daily financial affairs but also carry the digital key to your entire corporate portal at all times. Efficient mobile banking for your corporate clients. Everywhere and at all times - your clients will love this app!

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