PSD2- Secure Electronic Payment


Providing processes and public APIs


The new PSD2 guidelines force banks to provide processes and public APIs that grant third parties (TPPs) access to their clients’ data. According to the PSD2 guidelines, banks also have to enable third parties to create payments and access account information on behalf of their clients.

coco:PSD2  supports banks with the quick implementation of statutory requirements relating to the PSD2 guidelines by providing a publicly accessible PSD2 interface that grants third parties access to account information and payment information.

The system then establishes a secure connection to internal banking systems to retrieve and provide required data, manage connection data as well as certificates and log activities.

  • Secure
  • Future-proof
  • Seamless integration
  • User-friendly

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coco:PSD2 provides you with access to the use cases payment initialisation, account information and credit confirmation that can be implemented by other banks or third parties. In this way, coco:PSD2 expands the multi:versa corporate banking platform and multi:bank as a stand-alone solution for transactions and cash management.

coco:PSD2 offers tried-and-tested features such as the provision of balances and account data as well as checking and forwarding of payments.

Additionally, it allows you to manage authorisations and to check their validity, including certificate handling, access checking of TPP requests and – if required – client authentication using various security procedures.

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An API management tool such as WS02-API-Manager is also integrated into the solution. This means that API-relevant features such as publishing, life-cycle management, security procedures, reporting and analysis of client behaviour can also be used.

coco:PSD2 supports API sets specified by Berlin Group and STET. It can be retrieved using web services (RESTful/JSON). Furthermore, it allows version checking of the external API set. In this way, new features can be added to the external API without resulting in limitations for existing interfaces or channels.

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