Corporate Banking Apps


Available for your clients on-the-go, too – with the native multi:bank App


coco:apps provides your corporate clients with everything they need for daily banking.

The completely re-developed multi:bank App offers your clients a comprehensive overview of balances, liquidity data and payments – including multi-banking.

coco:apps will provide you with:

  • Clever apps for your corporate clients’ daily banking
  • Native design and individual options
  • The outstanding multi:versa customer experience in a handy format
  • Support your clients 24/7 – with the multi:bank App.

With coco:apps, you can complement your digital range for your corporate clients individually and purposefully.

Thanks to mobile access to key data from multi:bank or the option of signing documents securely using QES while out and about, you will expand your clients’ possibilities and increase flexibility. Owing to the native design of the multi:bank App, your bank will make a good impression on any device with multi:versa, whether desktop or mobile.


Would you also like to support your clients flexibly when they’re out and about, in addition to the comprehensive digital offer of the multi:versa platform? Do your corporate clients need a secure and easy option of accessing accounts and contracts from anywhere?

coco:apps offers you a choice of apps that is tailor-made for your clients’ needs. Mobile Banking, EBICS and Token – independent of one another or combined, the choice is yours!

multi:bank App


Are you looking for a solution to easily provide your corporate clients with key transaction and cash management topics at any location on-the-go?

The multi:bank App combines innovative security and authorisation features with a clear display of relevant cash management and payment data. Corporate clients can view account balances, retrieve payments to be authorised and authorise them there and then from their smartphone.

The app for iOS and Android combines innovative security features with the display of payment and transaction data. This means your clients can authorise payments from anywhere or get a quick overview of their company’s financial situation.

The installation, initialisation and use of the multi:bank App are very user-friendly. You can make the apps available to your corporate clients as a convenient download from the banking portal or the App Store.

After the first initialisation of the app which includes the creation of RSA keys, specification of a personal password and activation of the user account, clients can log in to the banking portal.

The multi:bank App meets the strict requirements of Secure Client Authentication (SCA) specified by the PSD2 Guidelines and EBICS stipulations.

This includes, for example, rootkit detection, anti-debugging, integrity checks, no temporary storage of passwords and much more.


Authorize and approve on-the-fly

Are you looking for a comprehensive, multi-bank capable smartphone solution for your corporate customers?

The multi:versa EBICS App stands as an attractive mobile banking solution for the new, easy way to do e-banking. App users have their balances, turnovers and account statements in view anytime and anywhere.

Users can release payments wherever they are. The app is multi-bank enabled, supporting access to information from accounts at all banks.


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Token App

Private key even mobile - without expensive tools

Looking for a security method for your digital banking portal that provides the required encryption for PSD2 and EBICS?

The multi:token is a complete security application that provides the required private keys for user authentication and for the authorization of transactions such as payments or administrative modifications.

The multi:token for smartphones increases the convenience in security for the bank's corporate customers.

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