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Powerful liquidity management

By supporting corporate customers in reliable liquidity planning, banks can position themselves as a trustworthy partner for the future.

The combination of liquidity overview, forecasting and cash pooling supports corporate customers to constantly keep track of their liquidity, even across banks. Additional usage of AI-driven components can provide valuable support in decision-making – and create an even more pleasant liquidity management experience.

Empower your corporate customers to concentrate on their core businesses.

All-round package for an outstanding overview
Consistent liquidity monitoring and prompt settlement - supplemented by the Forecasting and Cash Pooling modules.

Higher customer loyalty and strengthened market position
In close cooperation with our bank customers, the functionality, such as widgets, charts and real-time capabilities, is continuously expanded and improved. Thus, it always matches customer expectations to ensure highest satisfaction and loyalty.

Leverage the power of automation and artificial intelligence.

Improved efficiency driven by cutting-edge technology
Based on automation and artificial intelligence, the advanced liquidity management module supports corporate customers in easily enriching their data, assisting in data evaluation and thus in even more effective liquidity management.


Improved liquidity control
for international transactions involving multiple banks.

Ready-to-use basic module
with direct access to cash management data.

in managing transactions.

AI-driven functionality
for more efficiency and a strengthened market position.

Liquidity Overview

Comprehensive liquidity management - clearly arranged at any time

Benefit from wide-ranging transparency through the mapping of corporate structures and different points of view.

  • Different views - support the analysis of the current liquidity status from the customer, bank, currency, country and account views
  • Graphical overviews - complement the tabular view and enable a quick assessment of the data development
  • Dashboard widgets - offer a quick, holistic overview and can be combined individually

ERP connectivity

Extended dataset through automatic synchronisation

Merge data for even more accurate planning options.

  • Automated data synchronisation - for an up-to-date and reliable database
  • Centralised data enrichment - for efficient data evaluation across systems
  • Highest security standards - for data exchange with the connected systems. Corporate customers can use the pre-configured interfaces to integrate their ERP-system data, such as DATEV, in their liquidity overview. Automated bidirectional synchronisation enriches the existing database and enables comprehensive control of liquidity.


Sound decisions built on reliable forecasts

Early identification of financing needs or information for investment decisions - based on a reliable liquidity forecast.

  • Smart forecast creation - Supported by automatic import and integration of forecasts and data from other systems
  • Always on track - Automatic reconciliation and matching of transactions and forecasts; non-assignable transactions can be assigned manually.
  • Enriched liquidity overview - Forecasts can be included in liquidity planning to already consider future developments

AI-powered reconciliation

Mature support for transaction reconciliation

Accelerate the matching process with helpful suggestions through the use of artificial intelligence.

  • Fast decision-making - Through transparent indicators created with tailored AI-technique
  • Structured comparison overviews - Support quick selection of the suitable transaction
  • Higher efficiency - Through data-driven decisions that increase the number of automatically matched transactions/forecasts

Cash Pooling

Tailored allocation of liquidity to reduce leverage

Optimised and more efficient use of internal financial resources.

  • International capability - Cross-bank/-country cash pooling, taking into account different currencies and instant payments for performing the cash pool anytime, anywhere.
  • Individual configuration options - Personalised cash pool creation with a smart overview, from selecting the general ledger account to matching the associated accounts
  • Multifunctional - Whether physical pooling or notional cash pooling – flexible options for the demanding needs of banks’ customers.

Automatic Cash Pooling

Next-level cash pooling with automated execution of transactions

Simplified balancing of accounts through automatic calculation of the optimal cash pooling action.

  • Automated calculation - Allocation of liquidity synergy, trough different accounts and banks, even across countries.
  • Enhanced interest and fee reduction possibilities - Including avoidance of negative interest rates
  • Virtual account management - For flexible structuring and easier evaluation of accounts as well as liquidity distribution in real time.

Digital Multibanking platform with an integrated innovative cash management solution

Our solution provides corporate customers with an overview of all accounts, bank details and transactions as well as configurable dashboards and enables them to manage their payment transactions and liquidity within a single application – even with third-party banks.

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Are you looking for a unique customer experience with outstanding dashboards? We offer ready-to-go liquidity management that does not require integration. 

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