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When it comes to transactions, banks face a particular challenge: On the one hand, they want to be able to receive payments from corporate clients flexibly and make their payment processes as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

On the other hand, their own system infrastructures have “grown historically” - in an international context in particular - and are often fractured.

This results in an ideally simple interface with corporate clients on one side, but on the other side, in a multitude of different banking systems that have to process payment formats and mean intensive maintenance in case changes need to be made.

By definition, security measures that help to prevent financial loss to corporate clients caused by fraud and cyber crime can only be supported at high costs.

A central Payment Factory provided by the bank is an excellent solution to address both challenges.

In a central platform, your bank can take individual client requests into account and, at the same time, keep adjustments to core systems at a minimum. And all this includes a clear audit trail!


With a Payment Factory provided by your bank,
you will be able to establish a standardised,
cross-system process for your corporate clients.

All national and international payments as well as client-specific and bank-specific formats are configured in a central unit and can be processed in a standardised and automated way.
The relevant service scope is defined by channel, client or system and includes different options for transformation, routing and enhancement.

As a result, both the bank and the corporate client benefit from reduced costs, whilst being provided with a high level of flexibility in a secure STP process.

Payment Factory designed for?

A central Payment Factory is suitable for your financial institution if you want to offer individual options to your corporate clients, in addition to standardised formats and methods of submission.

Or if your bank wants to centralise all payment-related processing and therefore reduce complexity and costs.

Payment Factory?

Payment formats and processing is subject to a high degree of volatility caused, on the one hand, by regulatory changes and, on the other hand, by constantly changing client requirements.

A centralised platform can keep this volatility out of the distributed systems. It can therefore be controlled and becomes a real competitive edge.


Our multi:hub payment factory offers a framework that allows incoming payment files to be converted into one or several outgoing payment files so they can be forwarded to one or several backend systems.

multi:hub payment factory has been designed as an open framework solution that offers banks numerous expansion options. Developed format conversion modules can be added to various environments via plug-in technology.

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