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multi:integration means freedom and flexibility. Use the available integration options of the multi:versa platform to tap into new subject areas in addition to the modules provided by coconet or to seamlessly integrate existing applications such as FX, Loans, Trade Finance, Assets and more into our product range.

And if you’re looking for something even more personalised, we will help you to develop exactly those features that you need, with multi:you.

Take your digital offer to the next level with multi:integration.

multi:integration offers:

  • numerous integration options for existing applications
  • significantly reduced time-to-market
  • an enhancement of your digital range
  • the assurance of being able to expand your offers with new subject areas at any time

multi:integration will expand your clients’ digital horizon!

Thanks to multi:integration, a wide range of tried-and-tested integration options and standard interfaces for multi:versa is available to you.

Provide all your applications and processes via multi:versa and delight your corporate clients with a comprehensive range expansion in various directions.

Choose from our integration options and make a strong start!

Option 1: If you want the best possible user experience for your clients, you are welcome to use our micro-frontend-based integration options to ensure the perfect interconnection of existing and new applications. This will enable you to provide your end clients with all features as a “single-page application”.

Option 2: You also have the option of focusing on quick time-to-market and integrate existing applications into the portal “as they are”. For this, various SSO mechanisms, iFrame-based integration and numerous APIs are available, for example to synchronise sessions, integrate our Customer Analytics modules, synchronise language settings and much more. This attention to detail will raise your existing application to the next level for end clients and can be enhanced with features from other modules. Typical use cases also apply to multi:engage or Customer Analytics Integration.

Option 3: A combination of the different options is also standard practice. For this reason, our clients often start with simpler integration, targeting quicker time-to-market to provide the entire product portfolio in multi:versa to begin with.

Subsequently, key applications or just individual processes can iteratively be raised to the next level using more comprehensive integration patters. Our Customer Analytics module also helps you to check which features your clients actually use so you can provide targeted optimisation of your application environment.

Highlight Features

multi:integration provides different integration options – from simple iFrame-based integration to complex micro-frontends, everything is possible.

Use our different integration options to make sure you always have the appropriate tool at hand!

International business is rarely tied to one currency - integrate your existing FX Trading module, as in this example, based on a micro-frontend pattern.

Offer the opportunity for quick actions and direct access to FX functionality.

Asset management made easy – integrate your existing asset management, as in this example, using our iFrame-based integration.

Delight your corporate clients and entrepreneurs with a central access point to asset structuring.

If you want to generate a perfect, fully comprehensive client experience, multi:you is indispensable. It will help you to develop individual features separate from existing applications, directly in multi:versa.

Give your client relations the ultimate boost with completely new functionality.

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