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Flexible dashboards your corporate clients will love


multi:dashboard provides your corporate clients with exactly the information they need. Individual dashboards with user-specific and role-specific information make life easier for cash managers, treasurers and CFOs.

With enhanced options, such as sharing dashboards within the company, multi:dashboard offers collaborative banking to your corporate clients.

multi:dashboard offers your bank:

  • A comprehensive view of all financial data for your clients
  • Individual dashboards depending on user, role and available data
  • The option of configuring several dashboards for each user so they can switch between tasks quickly and efficiently
  • Simple dashboard sharing within the company

Take user experience to a new level, with multi:dashboard!

Clearly structured dashboards that can be switched with one click make everyday work easier for your corporate clients. Individual configurability is enhanced with additional sharing options so that your corporate clients’ staff can access relevant data more quickly.

Thanks to the option of creating several dashboards for each user, you can help your clients to structure tasks clearly and focus on what is essential.

Aggregate data from different systems, thus allowing your clients to carry out tasks more quickly and effectively.

Thanks to multi:you, multi:dashboard can also be individually expanded so that you can provide exactly the offer that matches your clients’ current situation.

Start today in the world of collaborative banking!

Intelligently removing the complexity of financial information

Your banking services should be simple, quick, channel-independent and tailored to the needs of each individual client. However, the demands made on banks by corporate clients are the polar opposite: complex, multi-layer and international. Data in separate systems is generally the rule, not the exception. This means that users have to switch between systems to get an overview of the banking details they need.

multi:dashboard removes these limitations and you will be able to generate an overview of all data. Whether transactions, credit cards, credits or anything else – thanks to multi:dashboard, you will raise your clients’ data to a consolidated level – our dashboard.

Even the aggregation of different data – for example payment details from the past and liquidity data from the future – will no longer be a problem.

Owing to different types of data presentation, from various graphs to detailed tables, everything is possible to provide your clients with the overview they need.

Highlight Features

Simple creation of overviews relating to all data from your banking system.

Reduce your clients’ efforts needed to gain access to all the information they require.

Use of individual options for displaying data based on smart widgets.

Let your clients personalise their own dashboards!

A clearer overview using specific dashboards with re-used widgets.

Provide your clients with additional individual transparency and efficiency!

Your clients can share configured dashboards with other employees within the company.

You will therefore reduce the individual configuration effort and create visibility for payment details and much more within the company.

Specify the right type of presentation for your data.

You can choose from different types of data presentation - from a regular list view to complex graphs.

multi:dashboard has the right presentation for each data type.

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