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The new way of co-operating with corporate clients


multi:engage turns multi:versa into a convincing all-rounder in client-bank relations. Based on this modular approach, you will benefit from numerous individual features, starting with 1:1 or group chats to document exchange with qualified digital signatures. Integrated co-browsing and a video chat channel complement multi:engage.

Rely on multi:engage so the touchpoint to your corporate clients becomes future-proof!

With multi:engage, you will benefit from:

  • a secure and easy-to-use communication and advice channel
  • comprehensive document management with access for clients and the bank
  • seamless integration of qualified electronic signatures
  • easy incorporation into existing processes and systems
  • different integration options, thanks to our Open APIs Provide your corporate clients with comprehensive, digital help.

Your corporate clients’ everyday life is becoming increasingly digital, as is the interaction with the bank. multi:engage expands multi:versa with a comprehensive and future-proof set of communication and collaboration tools.

In addition to individual and rights-based communication between bank and client, seamless incorporation of communication and document management into your backend systems is possible. Your advisor can use the usual channels and will reach clients directly in their corporate portal.

Does your corporate client have questions or need advice? Thanks to multi:engage, there is no need to install third-part software for video chatting or co-browsing. multi:engage offers all these features right there in the secure environment of multi:versa.

Of course, all processes, from messages and signatures to chat requests, are logged and can be easily retrieved for auditing purposes.

Raise your corporate clients’ digital experience to the next level!

Digital interaction with corporate clients is easy

Are your corporate clients waiting for the “next big thing”, hoping for more digital offers in your corporate portal? But does your Compliance Division voice concerns regarding security and legal obligations?

multi:engage creates exactly the secure and modern framework that you need! Secure communication channels, intelligent audit and qualified electronic signatures will prepare you perfectly for today’s client requirements and tomorrow’s rules and regulations.

Smooth sailing into future banking!

Client Missions


Whether sureties or credit cards - with seamless incorporation of various apps into multi:engage, LBBW delights its corporate portal clients with a central hub for documents, messages and notifications, whichever context they may be from.


The best of two worlds – with the clever combination of multi:engage and multi:onboard, Berenberg accompanies corporate clients and wealth management clients from the first touchpoint to entering the bank’s portal environment.


multi:engage provides the perfect foundation for the modular expansion of client-bank collaboration. UniCredit proves this, with UC eBanking Global – using available SDKs, UniCredit constantly expands multi:engage with its own use cases.

Highlight Features

A central and secure channel makes communication between clients and advisors so much easier – lost emails will be a thing of the past!

Create a new standard, not only regarding convenience for the user but also when it comes to auditability for advisors.


The central communication hub will help your clients find contracts and documentation – your advisors will then have more time for their consultation.

Put all the documents that are being exchanged between the bank and corporate clients in order – fully automatically, thanks to intelligent sorting and structured filing.

Paper-based contracts are a thing of the past with multi:engage. Thanks to strong partners like DocuSign, we are offering the efficiency and legal security that your bank and your clients require.

Accelerate your sales processes and delight your corporate clients – everything with additional security!

Grow closer to your clients again even without geographical proximity – with multi:engage.

Protracted support requests with convoluted client concerns are a thing of the past with multi:engage.

The integrated co-browsing solution shows both your advisors and support staff exactly what your clients can see.

Using video conferencing, support becomes even more personal.

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