Customer Self Service and Entitlements


Complete customer self-service for discerning corporate clients


multi:customer allows customer self-service in the multi:versa platform. Would you like to hand over administrative tasks to your corporate clients? Would your clients like more flexibility when managing users, rights, authorisations etc. – without the bank getting involved? You are prepared, with multi:customer.

multi:customer offers:

  • comprehensive access to complex administration for your corporate clients
  • guided workflows including checking by n others when creating or changing clients
  • automated processes for initialising security tokens
  • potential savings, thanks to the delegation of administrative tasks to corporate clients
  • increased flexibility for your bank and your clients, thanks to 24/7 self-service

Provide your corporate clients and staff with the flexibility they need!

multi:customer offers your bank and your clients a noticeable boost in efficiency. By delegating administrative tasks, you can give your corporate clients the freedom they want. Whether creating local users or individual rights profiles – your clients are in control. Your clients can make administrative changes in multi:versa when they need it, wherever they are – be it in the evening, at the weekend or during a business trip.

Of course, as the bank, you remain in control when deciding which changes must still be made by your staff. This will ensure compliance and conformity with your existing processes. Without compromising on quality, benefit from freed-up resources that can then be used for sales.

Become your discerning clients’ favourite, with multi:customer.

Increased flexibility and freed-up resources, thanks to customer self-service

Would your corporate clients like more freedom in your digital portal? Are your advisors spending too much time regularly creating new users for corporate clients or changing their roles and rights?

The consequential outlays for clients and the bank can be avoided!

With multi:customer, you can achieve the ideal result for your corporate clients and your bank. Thanks to simple and structured processes, your clients can instantly manage those adjustments themselves for which they would usually use up your advisors’ time. You will gain time for important everyday tasks, and your clients will be delighted by increased productivity – and all that while the bank is still in full control.

When will you expand your offer with efficient next-generation self-service?

Make your corporate clients more successful!

Highlight Features

A clear rights and role concept coupled with pre-defined user profiles will support your corporate clients with efficient self-management.

Improve your corporate clients’ user experience with new types of freedom!

Simple, client-orientated workflows will help you and your corporate clients to create new users, profiles or an intelligent template for data export.

Delight your clients with quick workflows that get them to their goal!

Trust is good but control is better? multi:customer helps you to remain in control. Using clear audit logs and precisely defined authorisation workflows, you will efficiently control which types of freedom your clients have.

Always remain in control without your clients feeling restricted.

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