At coconet, we believe that the pursuit of sustainability is not just a responsibility: it is a commitment to shaping a better, more resilient future.

In a world facing unprecedented environmental challenges, we recognise the profound impact businesses can have on the planet and its communities. That is why we aim to weave sustainability into the fabric of our operations, embracing it as a core value that guides our decisions and actions.

By adopting sustainable practices, we reduce our ecological footprint, contribute to the well-being of communities, and inspire positive change within and beyond our industry.

Driving Sustainable Mobility

We actively promote sustainable commuting practices among our team members. In our dedication to reducing carbon emissions and embracing cleaner transportation alternatives, we actively encourage our employees to choose electric cars. By providing incentives, infrastructure support such as charging stations, and promoting awareness of the environmental benefits, we aim to contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. Cycling towards a sustainable tomorrow, we support bicycle commuting as a green and health-conscious choice. Our initiatives include providing secure bike storage, creating cycling-friendly office environments, and offering incentives for employees like an attractive leasing model for company bikes.

Embracing Sustainable Workspaces, Anywhere

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the office walls to embrace the way we work remotely. Home office, an integral part of our operational flexibility, aligns seamlessly with our sustainability initiatives. By actively promoting and embracing remote work practices, we not only enhance work-life balance but also contribute to substantial reductions in commuting-related emissions. Home office options empower our team members to make eco-friendly choices, aligning with our broader goal of reducing our carbon footprint.

Paper Reduction – Our Quest for a Paperless Office

We believe in the power of digital transformation to shape a more sustainable and efficient workplace. Our commitment to reducing paper consumption goes beyond rhetoric—it's a fundamental aspect of our journey towards a paperless office. We've implemented double-sided printing across our operations as a simple yet impactful measure to cut paper waste in half. In our ongoing pursuit of a paperless future, we are in the process of introducing a cutting-edge Document Management System (DMS). This system will revolutionise how we manage information, reducing the reliance on traditional paper-based documentation and enhancing accessibility and efficiency across the organisation.

Recycling and Waste Reduction

We believe in the transformative power of responsible waste management to create a sustainable future. In our commitment to reducing electronic waste, we actively support the recycling of toner cartridges. Through strategically placed collection boxes within our facilities, we encourage responsible disposal practices while simultaneously contributing to the well-being of our communities. The recycled materials not only minimize our environmental impact but also generate support for social institutions aligned with our values.
A small change in packaging can have a significant impact on waste reduction. By transitioning to the use of glass bottles for beverages, we aim to minimize plastic waste and promote recyclability.

Embracing the Journey of Continuous Improvement

We understand that the journey toward sustainability is ongoing, and we embrace the opportunity to continually improve our practices for the benefit of the planet and future generations. As part of our unwavering commitment to sustainability, coconet will undergo a comprehensive professional audit and consultancy in early 2024. This evaluation aims to assess our current sustainability status, identify areas for enhancement, and inspire the next wave of initiatives. Join us on this exciting journey as we elevate our sustainability standards, explore new horizons of environmental responsibility, and set the stage for a brighter, more sustainable future.