Cross-Device Authentication & Authorisation


Smart security for your multi:versa


multi:token is not just the new and intelligent security for your corporate clients’ banking. multi:token also supports the security of all other applications within multi:versa, thus making life easier for your clients.

With multi:token, you are relying on a future-proof SCA-compliant EBICS token solution. multi:token is available to your clients right where they need it: both as a mobile app on iOS and Android and as a local installation on Windows or Mac. They have the choice and therefore total flexibility.

When will you switch to the clever multi:token?

multi:token offers:

  • Out-of-the-box SCA-compliant EBICS security
  • An intuitive user experience across devices
  • Easy connection to existing systems

With multi:token you will be compliant today with regulations of tomorrow.

With multi:token, you are relying on powerful security across devices. Your clients will receive a smart key on their iOS or Android device or on a local computer.

The intuitive workflows allow your corporate clients efficient and secure authorisation of daily tasks, such as payments or other instructions. Our multi:token supports the user experience as early as the first touchpoint – benefit from new opportunities, thanks to seamless integration with multi:versa, for example with fully digitalised initialisation of the key as part of multi:onboard.

multi:token allows secure digital interaction with your corporate clients.

Authentication and authorisation without expensive tools

Are you looking for a security procedure for your digital banking portal that offers the required encryption for PSD2 and EBICS?

Our multi:token for smartphones and desktops replace expensive and complicated tools for user authentication and authorisation of transactions, thus offering the perfect balance between trust, costs and user experience.

Mobile Token

Would your clients like an easy way to carry out banking from different end devices, independent of location? But do they prefer the user experience of a corporate portal at the same time because they often have to work with complex and extensive records?

With the Mobile Token, our EBICS-based security, your clients’ users are immediately ready and logged in to the corporate portal, thanks to SCA. Combined with multi:onboard, the Mobile Token can be initialised immediately, making the time and effort required for paper-based initialisation redundant.

Desktop Token

Bring-your-own-device is still a frequent challenge for companies these days. All the better if this type of challenge doesn’t even arise with multi:apps. As an alternative to Mobile Token, multi:apps also provides a desktop-based version of the token, which also relies on EBICS security and is fully SCA-compliant because of its connection to the relevant hardware.

The Desktop Token is perfect for use in large organisations. In connection with multi:onboard, your corporate clients’ employees are immediately ready. Initialisation takes place on demand within the onboarding process.

Installation & Use

Installation, initialisation and use of our tokens is very user-friendly. Banks can make the apps available to their corporate clients via download, either from the banking portal or the App Store. Production and logistics of expensive devices such as smartcards, RSA tokens or other USB sticks are not required.

After the first initialisation, which includes creation of the RSA keys, specification of a personal password and activation of the user account, clients use the token to log in to the banking portal. They can also easily authorize payments or administrative changes with the token.

Both multi:token meet the strict requirements regarding secure client authentication (SCA) specified by the PSD2 Guidelines and the EBICS stipulations. This includes, for example, rootkit detection, anti-debugging, integrity checks, no temporary storage of passwords and much more.

Always on the safe side

The clever platform for your new digital banking. Can be expanded flexibly using modules. Thanks to multi:token, it doesn’t matter how you design tomorrow’s offer – it will be safe in every case.

Whether EBICS multi-banking with distributed digital signature or the execution of a cash pool, with multi:token nothing gets in the way of fast and secure banking.

multi:onboard is the new way to thrill corporate clients with your digital range. Fully compliant and fully automated, if required. Thanks to multi:token, your clients are ready and online immediately.

Regulatory Booster

Always compliant with our regtech boosters

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