MULTIVERSA IBS convinces with new GUI

Banks using MULTIVERSA IBS enjoy a new user interface. As middleware MULTIVERSA IBS is the centre for receiving and forwarding all e-banking data from the bank’s corporate customers.

The new interfaces speed up system administration and maintenance and also ensure an improved user experience thanks to an appealing design and optimised workflows. A central dashboard provides the bank administrator with the most important information on system performance, system key figures and upcoming activities at a glance. The revised action bar, which has been expanded with additional functions and many other improved navigation aids, ensures fast processing times.

“During the development of the new user interfaces, we closely cooperated with our customers in order to make the best possible use of the optimisation potential,” says Joachim Blank, Product Owner for MULTIVERSA IBS at CoCoNet. “The customers very much appreciate the new interface.”

MULTIVERSA IBS is the central hub for all e-banking data of many banks and service providers. It connects different customer access channels with the back-end systems. The system integrates and couples not only current e-banking standards, such as EBICS and SWIFT, but also proprietary host2host communication, for example via web services. The included payment factory is able to process and convert any payment format, which makes it flexible for different customer requirements – from instant payments to bank-specific proprietary formats.

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