Netiquette of coconet

We welcome your comments and contributions on coconet's own social media channels. However, an open and objective discussion and respectful cooperation are essential for us. Therefore, we would like to point out the following rules of conduct within the framework of our netiquette:

Contributions and comments we appreciate

  • polite, respectful, friendly
  • thoughtful, stimulating, constructive contributions to the discussion that relate to the topic at hand
  • constructive criticism

Posts and comments that we do not tolerate

  • illegal, discriminatory, offensive or other politically incorrect content
  • threats, insults, illegal and ethically and morally problematic content
  • unobjectively formulated or untrue contributions - including unsubstantiated allegations and suspicions
  • content that violates copyrights or other rights of third parties (personal rights)
  • content that is linked to viruses, Trojans or harmful websites
  • Advertising for third parties, spam or other commercial content
  • Content containing personal data

In case of violation of the rules of conduct listed here, we reserve the right to delete contributions in the interest of all users.

Thank you for taking the time to read our netiquette.

We look forward to exchanging ideas with you on the social networks!

 Patrick Brüns coconet Group

Patrick Brüns

Head of Marketing

 Linn Gindorff coconet Group

Linn Gindorff

Jr. Digital Marketing Manager