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GarantiBBVA International NV commissions coconet to implement new digital banking platform

One platform for all customer segments – from retails and SMEs to corporates

GarantiBBVA International NV, a savings bank that operates in the Netherlands and Germany, is committed to continually transforming the processes and experiences of its customers. Its vision is to be an innovative and high-performing banking partner, with best-in-class digital services that are user-friendly and secure.

GarantiBBVA International NV asked coconet to provide a new digital banking platform based on multi:versa. The holistic transformation incorporated banking portals for the two markets and for different user groups, as well as the digitalisation of related processes. The latest phase of this project went live in October 2020.

The new platform serves GarantiBBVA International NV SME customers in both countries, its retail customers in Germany, and its corporate customers in the Netherlands. Since GarantiBBVA International NV has ambitions to enhance the Dutch retail market in future, it will enhance the platform to accommodate those customers at a later date.

Now GarantiBBVA International NV different customer segments all benefit from easy-to-use banking portals, with personalised dashboards and convenient workflows. Customers can use the platform to easily and quickly update their saving contracts and personal information. Previously, these tasks needed to be handled by bank personnel, which resulted in high workloads.

Alongside its broad array of inbuilt features, GarantiBBVA International NV was also attracted to the flexibility and self-service capabilities of multi:versa. Thanks to the platform’s Application Development Centre, the bank is able to make its own enhancements independently, as and when it suits.

Approximately 30,000 customers, from across the three segments, have already been onboarded onto the platform and the bank is aiming to onboard 50,000 in total. As well as delivering an improved customer experience, the new platform supports GarantiBBVA International NV comprehehsive digital transformation and rebranding exercise.

“Our new digital banking platform, based on multi:versa has been a major boost to our digital transformation strategy,” explains Marco Witteveen, COO of GarantiBBVA International NV. “It has enabled us to become more efficient while significantly enhancing our relationships with our various customer segments. That’s a huge benefit given the competitiveness of the marketplace today and the ever-evolving nature of customers’ expectations.”

“A user-friendly digital banking platform is critical to enabling banks to operate efficiently and grow market share. Working with GarantiBBVA International NV, we were able to develop a solution for different customer segments that empowered both the bank and its customers. In doing so, we played an important role in GarantiBBVA International NV digital transformation journey,” says Björn Hassing, CTO of coconet.

The cooperation between GarantiBBVA International NV and coconet resulted in a central banking platform for retail, SME and corporate customers in Germany and the Netherlands, increasing the bank’s ability to make efficiency savings and grow market share.

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