Do you want to provide your customers with the best EBICS-based multi-banking solutions for corporate payments? Have a look at our ready-to-go solutions. Across Europe many well-known financial institutions already rely on our EBICS know-how and proven corporate payment solutions.

EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard) has become a standard method for secure data transfer between corporate customers and banks. In Germany, France and Switzerland EBICS is the official standard – but EBICS is also offered by banks in many other European countries.

In addition to the uniform specifications for the data exchange between corporate customers and banks, EBICS also includes uniform specifications for the authorisation of payments via digital signatures.

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EBICS Server for receiving payment files and providing report data (account statement data, status reports, etc.)

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EBICS Portal as a front-end channel / bank platform for sending payment files and retrieving cash management data / bank information

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EBICS Kernel API for integration into existing banking platforms for sending payment files and retrieving cash management data / bank information

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EBICS App as a multi-banking EBICS smartphone solution for corporate customers

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  • Make your bank EBICS compliant!
    We offer a variety of modules to realize various business scenarios.
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    Our turnkey products allow a short time to market.
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    Our user-friendly systems already handle millions of EBICS transactions every single day.

EBICS Server for receiving and sending transactions

As a central middleware product, the EBICS Server is the hub for receiving and providing all EBICS banking data, such as payment and reporting files. In addition to the new EBICS 3.0 standard, the system simultaneously supports all former versions of the EBICS standard in all country-specific versions of the EBICS organisation countries Germany, France and Switzerland.

The system is flexibly extensible through various plug-ins out of a large library of plug-in functionality and APIs that allow the bank to integrate new functionality into the system.

The comprehensive functionality of the EBICS Server is based on MULTIVERSA IBS, which is one of CoCoNet’s most successful and well-proven software products.

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The functional scope includes

  • Format validations
  • Limit checks
  • Account checks
  • Channel permissions
  • Product permissions (order types/BTF parameters)
  • Generic post processing


EBICS Kernel API to enhance existing banking platforms

The EBICS Kernel API enables banks to enhance existing banking platforms with EBICS functionality.

The API connects the EBICS standards for Germany, France and Switzerland (from standard 3.0 onwards).

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The functional scope includes

  • Transfer of payment and non-payment data files
  • Retrieval of bank information and cash management data (account statement data, status reports, etc.)
  • Additional functions for key management, such as the generation of EBICS keys, the generation of INI, HIA letters, etc.


EBICS Portal as front-end channel for payments and cash management

The EBICS Portal offers corporate customers a central, multi-banking access channel with a convenient dashboard. The solution for payment and cash management is one of the most user-friendly solutions on the market (Greenwich Institute).

The solution is based on the internationally successful MULTIVERSA IFP, which is available in over 30 country versions and used by over one million corporate users every single day.

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The functional scope includes

  • Central dashboard
  • Multi-banking capabilities
  • Payment creation and import
  • Payment authorisation with Electronic Distributed Signature (EDS)
  • Cash management


EBICS App as mobile channel for corporate customers

The EBICS App is a comprehensive multi-banking smartphone solution for corporate customers. App users can view their balances, transactions and account statements anytime, anywhere. Users can authorize payments wherever they are.

The MULTIVERSA mobile banking solutions are available for iOS and Android smartphones.

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The functional scope includes

  • Authorisation of payments with Electronic (Distributed) Signature (EDS)
  • Creation of SEPA payments
  • Retrieval and display of account statements, intraday reports and transactions as well as log data.


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