Corporate Customer Onboarding

Corporate Customer Onboarding

A new customer should not run through endless process steps and wait long to become a bank’s client. CoCoNet’s onboarding module for corporate customers supports banks to digitise and optimise onboarding processes.


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Corporate Customer Onboarding

A fully digital onboarding process offers corporate customers a simple and seamless onboarding experience. Furthermore, it enables them to use their desired products much faster.


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Create a positive onboarding experience and start new customer relationships on the right foot

CoCoNet’s out-of-the-box corporate customer onboarding offers maximum flexibility. It assembles everything according to the respective requirements. By digitising and combining separate process steps into one overall workflow, banks can optimise their processes.

Banks are facing various challenges in onboarding new corporate customers today. Partly manual process steps and separately working departments and systems result in onboarding taking a long time and being very cost-intensive.

Moreover, it becomes important for banks to be flexible in creating and adapting processes as new systems are regularly implemented, and requirements can change continuously. Another challenge in the onboarding of corporate customers is that usually a group of companies or at least several persons are involved.

CoCoNet presents digital onboarding solution for corporate customers at Finovate West Digital



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Create efficient and customer-friendly onboarding processes by digitising the complete workflow including recording new corporate customers’ data, verifying it, setting up systems, opening accounts, providing and activating security.

Enable your customers to quickly benefit from your products and services by means of seamless digital workflows with self-service possibilities and quick straight-through processing.

Replace an expensive paper-based document exchange by secure digital file exchange including eIDAS compliant identification and e-signing.


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