Authentication and authorisation without expensive tools

Are you looking for a security method for online banking that provides the required security for PSD2 and EBICS? Our MULTIVERSA Token for Mobile and Desktop provides the necessary balance between trust, total cost of ownership and UX/CX by replacing expensive and complicated tools for user authentication and authorisation of financial operations.

Installation, initialisation and usage of our tokens are extremely user-friendly. Banks can provide their corporate customers with apps that can be downloaded via the online banking portal or from the App Store. The production and logistics of expensive devices such as smartcards, RSA tokens or other USB sticks is no longer required.

After the initialisation process, which involves the creation of the RSA keys, definition of a personal password and activation of the user’s account, the user can log into the online banking portal or easily sign payments and administrative modifications using the token.

Both MULTIVERSA Tokens fulfil the strong customer authentication (SCA) requirements of the PSD2 Directive and comply with the EBICS standard, which include, among other features, rootkit detection, anti-debugging, integrity checks, non-caching password and much more.

MULTIVERSA Token for Desktop

The token supports the secure user authentication and authorisation of payments and other financial operations without any additional devices. The application for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS fulfils the strong security requirements of PSD2 and complies with the EBICS standard. The obligatory RSA keys are safely stored on the user’s computer.

The need for other devices and security tokens, such as smartcards or RSA tokens becomes superfluous. For the bank, this means a significant simplification of logistics, and savings in terms of support and maintenance.

Digital banking security token

MULTIVERSA Token for Mobile

The token application for smartphones is a full security device that holds the required private keys for user authentication and authorisations in the connected applications, for example for the authorisation of payments in the online banking portal. The mobile token app securely increases convenience for the bank’s corporate customers. It supports biometrical modes such as face and fingerprint ID.

Phone-as-a-token methods are characterised by lower total cost of ownership and offer better user experience than legacy one-time password (OTP) hardware tokens. They are therefore the methods of choice in the majority of new and refreshed token deployments.

Benefits that speak for themselves

  • Extremely user-friendly 
    no additional devices to take care of

  • Significant cost-reduction
    no expensive tools, logistics or maintenance necessary

  • Fulfilling the latest requirements
    PSD2 and EBICS conform

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