Central communication hub for all e-banking data

The MULTIVERSA IBS International Banking Server connects different customer access channels to your back-end systems. Thus, banks and service providers can merge existing portal solutions, offline systems and proprietary channels for different target groups and countries into one single central middleware.

MULTIVERSA IBS integrates and couples not only current e-banking standards, such as EBICS and SWIFT, but also proprietary host2host communication such as sftp. The included payment factory is able to handle and convert any payment format, allowing you to react flexibly to your customer’s needs – from instant payments to bank-specific proprietary formats.

International markets and different corporate customers require the processing of various payment and reporting formats. The integrated Payment Factory meets these requirements precisely and most flexibly.

As an efficient order manager, the system provides many features for receiving, processing, converting, splitting, routing and forwarding data. The modular design supports a flexible integration of many existing and future front-end and back-end channels.

As a central middleware product, MULTIVERSA IBS is the hub for receiving and forwarding all e-banking data. User-friendly multilingual interfaces allow you web-based administration and maintenance of the entire MULTIVERSA IBS system – regardless of location and time.

New: MULTIVERSA IBS offers you a WebSocket interface according to the specification of The German Banking Industry Committee (GBIC). Inform your customers proactively about new report data and general information available for download via real-time notifications (push process).

Your corporate clients can process data almost in real time. In comparison to the permanent cyclic data retrieval, the system load is considerably reduced by a targeted collection.

MULTIVERSA IBS provides open APIs, which enables you to add new functionality on their own, for example, payment formats, conversions, back-end-connectivity, etc.

Additionally, a web service interface supports the exchange of master data with central data holding applications, which can be customer data, user data, accounts, permissions, etc.

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Processing components of MULTIVERSA IBS

  • Connector Framework
  • Front-end Processing / Format Processing / Open API
  • Routing / Rule-based workflow engine
  • Back-end Processing / Splitting and Provisioning
  • Back-end Processing / EAI Framework / Open API
  • Payment conversion / Open API


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