Explore the possibilities of Hyper Personalisation in corporate banking

& Liquidity Management 4.0 at Sibos Toronto

Join coconet, the market leader in Corporate Banking Platform and SaaS solutions, at Sibos Toronto, the world's premier financial services event. Discover how our extensive multi:versa Digital Corporate Banking Platform range of engines and boosters are driving innovation in corporate banking.

This year, our focus is on two pivotal themes: Hyper Personalisation in Corporate Banking and Liquidity Management 4.0. Visit our booth G03 to explore multi:versa and these cutting-edge topics and secure a personal meeting to receive an exclusive demo and a surprising giveaway.

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Do you actually know...

coconet group is one of Europe’s most innovative and experienced fintechs

Founded in 1984 and headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, coconet delivers multi:versa, a unique channel platform for corporate banking.

coconet accelerates banks – with the #1 whitelabelled digital corporate banking platform built by technology leaders, functional innovators and regulatory experts. Compile your individual platform from our engines and boosters and don't miss our brand-new SaaS solution calles multi:versa lightning.

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Building the truly digital and embedded corporate bank of the future

Developed by experts for banking, technology and regulations. A reliable out-of-the-box solution for corporate banking channels based on state-of-the-art cloud architecture patterns, with breathtaking user experience and rapid innovation cycles - we call it our multi:versa.

It includes intuitive frontends for all web and mobile channels as well as direct open banking access. High-performance build options are already integrated and offer the necessary freedom to expand the platform at any time - even independent of coconet.

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Great visions and real missions

Our financial services customers select coconet to meet their needs for speed, scalability, and cost-efficiency through innovation, cloud technology and solutions that cover corporate banking channels end-to-end.

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Focus topics 2023

Hyper Personalisation in Corporate Banking

Unlock the Potential

Find out how hyper personalisation is reshaping the corporate banking landscape. Discover how our solutions can be adjusted to individual customer requirements, enhance decision making, and deliver highly personalised experiences for banks and their customers.

Meet individual customer needs

Explore the possibilities of highly personalised digital interactions, recommendations and analytics that create customer loyalty by recognising past interactions and anticipating future needs. 

Liquidity Management 4.0

Optimise Liquidity

Gain insights into our Liquidity Management 4.0 solution, powered by smart automation. Experience the next generation of cash pooling optimization, real-time forecasting, and advanced liquidity analytics. Maximise efficiency and make data-driven decisions in managing your liquidity.

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Book a meeting with our experts at coconet Booth G03 during Sibos Toronto. Discuss your specific requirements, explore multi:versa, discover AI-driven solutions and receive personalised insights tailored to your bank's needs.

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As a token of our appreciation, clients or banks who book a meeting in advance will receive a special surprise giveaway at our booth G03 during Sibos Toronto.

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