User Group welcomes MULTIVERSA IFP 4.0 at exclusive preview of the new software release

  • New version with brand new features: easy, secure, instant and smart
  • CoCoNet to officially launch MULTIVERSA IFP 4.0 at Sibos on 23 September

The enhanced features of MULTIVERSA IFP 4.0 have been extremely well received by members of the international user group.

At a meeting in Düsseldorf, members of the User Group enjoyed a pre-launch presentation on the newest version of MULTIVERSA IFP. The payment and cash management solution is CoCoNet’s successful online and mobile access channel for banks’ corporate customers.

MULTIVERSA IFP 4.0 brings next generation payment and cash management services to banks’ corporate customers. New features, such as smart payments and app-based security tokens, will enable banks’ customers to bank more efficiently. They will also benefit from an enhanced user experience with brand new user interfaces.

The MULTIVERSA IFP User Group consists of representatives from CoCoNet’s international banking clients. CoCoNet shares the latest developments regarding the MULTIVERSA IFP product with the User Group at regular meetings.

Apart from having an overview of Version 4.0, the User Group discussed numerous other topics relating to MULTIVERSA IFP. Among these were the integration of photoTan security features from OneSpan and opportunities to optimise the onboarding process for new customers.

Axel B. Wiethoff, CoCoNet’s CFO and COO, outlined MULTIVERSA IFP’s comprehensive multi-banking capabilities and advantages. He highlighted how banks can capitalise on the platform’s sophisticated functionality to build closer relationships with their customers. “In an era of multi-banking, banks can use MULTIVERSA IFP as a way to establish themselves as their customers’ preferred banking partner. For example, they can aggregate and present information that is provided by other banks,” Axel Wiethoff explains.

The evening before the meeting, User Group members were invited to view CoCoNet’s new state-of-the-art offices at Parseval Square. They admired the bright and modern workspace, which has been designed to promote agile working, teamwork and the easy integration of external team members.

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