CoCoNet signs partnership contract with Surfly

The provider for digital banking solutions for corporate customers, CoCoNet and the provider for co-browsing solutions, Surfly agreed on a strategic partnership. By integrating Surfly’s co-browsing services into the MULTIVERSA product suite, CoCoNet enables banks to further improve their customer experience, accelerate corporate onboarding, enhance customer service, and increase NPS (Net Promoter Score).

When it comes to financial matters, personal discussions with banks are a big part of the journey, and by partnering and fully integrating with Surfy, CoCoNet is able to offer a co-browsing module that makes it possible for bank advisers to collaborate with their remote customers in real-time, just like meeting in person. Using the co-browsing module powered by Surfly, bank advisors can support customers as if they were sitting side-by-side by upgrading any conversation, from any channel or device, to a co-browsing and video chat session. This enables banks to instantly transform their existing portals into digital collaboration platforms, without asking their customers to install any software.

The contract between CoCoNet and Surfly was signed in a virtual co-browsing session based on the Surfly technology: Dennis Rochel, Head of Innovations at CoCoNet, Nicholas Piël, Founder and CEO of Surfly, Björn Hassing, CTO of CoCoNet and Wiebe Vink, Sales Director of Surfly

CoCoNet, which has been developing long-term and trust-based relationships with many leading banks in the European and worldwide markets since 1984, chose to partner with Surfly, founded in 2012, because they both have banking at their core. CoCoNet’s products are internationally certified and have proven themselves at renowned banks with their corporate and business customers, while Surfly can count some of the world’s leading financial institutions as their customers, and was a participant in the 2020 FIS Fintech Accelerator program.

“With Surfly we found a partner with the same understanding of the specific needs of banks, including the importance of security and compliance, which is essential for the co-browsing service,” said Björn Hassing, CTO of CoCoNet. “We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration for our bank customers, to provide best-in-class services for their corporate clients.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with CoCoNet,” said Nicholas Piël, Founder and CEO of Surfly. “Our technology integration enables bank advisors to co-browse and collaborate with customers in real-time as if they were meeting face-to-face in order to deliver a more personalized service, which greatly increases the user experience.”

Using CoCoNet’s co-browsing module within the MULTIVERSA product suite, integrated with Surfly, a real-time collaboration session takes place directly in a customer’s browser window, without the need to download any additional software. The bank advisor can see what their customer sees in their browser and can quickly guide them to a successful resolution. As the shared interaction takes place in a single browser window, it also helps to provide a secure environment where the customer has full control of what he wants to share or does not want to share. This is very different from screen sharing software, which shows a customer’s full desktop, where personal data may be shared inadvertently. All of this means banks can provide a real-time collaboration technology that is easy to use, fast, and secure.


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