CoCoNet introduces new Customer Lifecycle Management Platform

CoCoNet launches its new Customer Lifecycle Management Platform for banks. The platform enables banks to improve the way they manage and serve their corporate customers throughout the entire lifecycle, or during selected processes such as onboarding and customer care.

Banks face specific issues in the context of customer lifecycle management. Foremost among these are complex processes and IT systems that have been developing over time. Adoption to new market needs and regulatory changes are a challenge. Business users at their clients have the expectation of a similar experience, they are privately enjoying in the retail world. This already starts with the onboarding process. They also want to access ‘self-service’ functionality and competent advice that is immediately available. At the same time, banks are looking for speed and efficiency gains by reducing paper-based processes. Especially in the current environment it is crucial to increase the overall profitability of individual customers and to identify opportunities for cross-selling or up-selling.

The Customer Lifecycle Management Platform is a solution that bundles and enhances several ready-to-go features from CoCoNet’s existing product suite as well as new modules. Banks benefit from prebuilt workflows that are user-friendly, simple and fast. As a result, they can use the platform to build and retain customer loyalty and reduce efforts at the same time.

“The Customer Lifecycle Management Platform helps banks to turn their challenges into opportunities,” says Dennis Rochel, Head of Innovation, which is responsible for the platform’s development. “It enables banks to strengthen their relationships with their customers by providing them with convenient workflows, secure document exchange and high-quality services. The banks that thrive in the future will be those that focus on their customers’ needs and operate with efficient digital processes more quickly than their competitors. By attracting and retaining customers, they will achieve business growth.”


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