With MULTIVERSA IFP’s data analysis, banks can build stronger relationships with their corporate customers

  • MULTIVERSA IFP enables banks to collect and structure data so that it can be interpreted by analytics software.
  • Banks that analyse their customers’ behaviour are laying the foundations for increased customer loyalty and growth.

Banks can gain a decisive competitive advantage in the market by using CoCoNet’s customer analytics and MULTIVERSA products to better understand their corporate customers.

Data is already immensely valuable to banks and its value will still increase in the future as organisations use it to develop highly tailored services to attract and retain customers. Today, many banks are struggling to collect the right data and interpret it effectively, however.

CoCoNet’s payments and cash management solution MULTIVERSA IFP enables banks to create a broad pool of data containing user data, log data and transaction data. Banks can analyse this data to gain important insights into their corporate customers and users. MULTIVERSA IFP displays the analytical results in compact real-time dashboards with configurable personal views.

An important use case for customer analytics is the identification of customers where there is a risk that they may withdraw their business from the bank.. Banks can monitor indicators related to user behaviour and transaction volumes. An alarm is raised as soon as a customer is at the early stage of the withdrawal process, and the bank can intervene to retain the customer.

Customer analytics also helps banks to build a solid basis for strategic decision-making, to increase profits through personalised, situational cross-selling campaigns, to promote or test new features and services, and to reduce support for unused features.


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