CoCoNet inspires its customers with four web sessions that explore innovation in corporate banking and MULTIVERSA product upgrades

  • A record number of attendees were provided with information on the latest enhancements to the MULTIVERSA corporate banking product suite
  • Customers shared their first-hand experience of using CoCoNet solutions

Yesterday CoCoNet showcased the latest enhancements to its market-leading corporate banking solutions in four web sessions designed to excite and inspire customers. More than 150 participants attended the aptly named INSPIRE corporate banking conference.

Collaboration and onboarding

In the innovation session, Marcus Klotz, CoCoNet’s Principal Innovation Manager, showed for the first time how the MULTIVERSA platform can be used to facilitate full digital collaboration between banks and customers. The solution provides tailored information and workflows that enable bank employees to work seamlessly with each other, and with their customers.

Dennis Rochel, Head of Innovations at CoCoNet, took a deep dive into the onboarding of corporate customers. In his demo, he showed that with MULTIVERSA, onboarding can be a smooth and user-friendly experience – for both banks and their customers. The platform offers on-demand customer support via co-browsing, which makes it easy for banks to assist their customers in the onboarding process. Furthermore, the full process is monitored and can be easily improved if necessary.

First-hand customer experience

Two of the web sessions featured customer case studies. In one session, the attendees gained valuable insights into the corporate banking portal of LBBW. In another session, Daniel Wellmann, from Berenberg Bank, presented the bank’s new onboarding process for corporate customers, which is enabled by MULTIVERSA FIP. Daniel’s presentation highlighted the efficiency of the bank’s digital onboarding, which reduced the process from a few weeks to a few days.

Another important topic of the day was the new Request to Pay scheme. CoCoNet’s customers heard that the new payment format presents many advantages to banks, their corporate customers, merchants and consumers.

Commenting on the INSPIRE sessions, CoCoNet CTO Björn Hassing said: “We were delighted that so many of our customer joined our web sessions. We are also very proud of having counted more participants than ever.” He added: “We are very confident that our customer lifecycle management as well as our new collaboration platform will help our customers in the field of process digitalisation in a time where this is desperately needed.”

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