Identity and Access Management

Identity & Access Management

The identity & access management (IAM) for corporate customers is quite challenging for your bank?

We offer an IAM solution for digital banking platforms in the corporate banking sector that supports
  • strong regulations, 
  • various banking applications integrated into one platform, 
  • multi-banking and multi-accounting requirements, 
  • numerous users with individual permissions, 
  • users with intense mobile use, 
  • users without business mobile phones at all. 
Identity and Access Management

Benefits for banks that want to improve their security methods for digital banking services

  • Fulfil legal requirements
    PSD2 and EBICS require strong customer authentication.
  • Enhanced user and customer experience
    Corporate users with access to several applications will welcome the reduced number of authenticators, card readers and passwords to store and remember.
  • Reduce costs
    Eliminating expensive device-based security methods such as tokens or smart cards with high total costs of ownership (TCO) for devices and maintenance.
  • Integrate new security methods easily
    Easy overall roll-out of new security methods for relevant applications – no separate integration into single applications needed.

Our IAM products for corporate customers


is an authentication and authorisation application for multiple existing and/or new digital banking applications.

Portal Entitlement Console (PEC)

manages the security and credentials of all users.

MULTIVERSA Token for Mobile

with QR code scan and biometrical identification such as face and fingerprint ID.

MULTIVERSA Token for Desktop

makes use of other devices and security tokens superfluous.

Strong customer authentication and application authorisation

Our global security provider MULTIVERSA GSP easily integrates various security methods for authentication and authorisation in one hub to assure a central administration as well as a targeted assignment of security methods to individual customers, users and applications.

More about the Global Security Provider

Strong security with easy-to-use tokens

Our MULTIVERSA Token for Mobile and Desktop enables strong customer authentication (SCA) for any kind of banking application. The PSD2 and EBICS compliant security tokens use the user’s smartphone, PC or Mac as a security device. Thus, the expensive support of smartcards, RSA tokens or other specific tools can be eliminated.

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