EVRY introduces financial dashboards to enhance its corporate banking offering

EVRY has entered into a partnership with CoCoNet to enhance its offering for corporate banks. By integrating CoCoNet’s financial dashboards into its offering, EVRY will help its corporate banking customers to better manage the complexity of financial information.

From left: Wiljar Nesse, EVP Financial Services at EVRY, Oliver Olmesdahl, CEO at CoCoNet

As access to financial data expands, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to be able to visualise complicated correlations and complex data in a user-friendly way. The smart dashboards that EVRY and CoCoNet will now offer to corporate banks in the Nordic market will provide large companies with a customisable solution that provides them with a clear overview of all relevant financial information. This will help them to quickly visualize key financial data to enable simple and intuitive workflows and to enhance tracking, analysis and planning.

CoCoNet has grown continuously since 1984 and has long-term and trust-based relationships with many leading banks in the European and worldwide markets. Their solutions are internationally certified and have proven themselves at renowned banks with their corporate and business customers.

“CoCoNet’s financial dashboard is a user-friendly solution that will further enhance our corporate banking offering by delivering more valuable solutions. Our ambition is to leverage our extensive experience of the Nordic banking sector by combining it with CoCoNet’s well-proven dashboard solution. This offering will enable us to provide Nordic banks with a broader range of corporate solutions for their existing customers and will assist them in attracting new customers,” comments Wiljar Nesse, EVP Financial Services at EVRY.

“We are very pleased to have signed this partnership with EVRY, one of the leading IT services and software providers in the Nordic region. Together we will give corporate banks the opportunity to increase customer experience and provide new values to their corporate users. Our joint solution let banks benefit from EVRY’s and CoCoNet’s expertise and capabilities in corporate banking and UX. Our aim is to work together to offer the next generation of digital banking products to Nordic banks,” says Oliver Olmesdahl, CEO at CoCoNet.

The dashboards are highly customisable, and users can select their individual set of widgets and arrange them using simple drag-and-drop functionality. Each widget can be configured to present the most valuable and useful set of information, e.g. by setting timeframes or selecting accounts or currencies. Visualising financial data in a simple and intuitive dashboard can help large companies to identify trends and patterns that can support decisions and contribute to improvements at their organisation.

About EVRY

EVRY is one of the leading IT services and software providers in the Nordic region and has more than 10,000 customers across the private and public sectors. Every day more than five million people in the Nordic region use solutions delivered by EVRY. Through its strong local presence and in-depth technological and commercial insight, EVRY is a driving force for innovation and modernisation at its customers. EVRY reported turnover of NOK 12.6 billion in 2017 and has 8,500 employees across nine countries. Its headquarters are located at Fornebu just outside Oslo, and the company is listed on Oslo stock exchange. www.evry.com.


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