Endless digitization possibilities

Bank’s requirements for digitization projects are manifold. Some are ‘only’ looking for solutions to provide their customers with excellent user experience. Others just want a ‘quick win’ by optimizing their internal processes. In many cases, both come together. The wish lists of those responsible for digitization are increasing longer, more and more departments are involved, and the complexity of system requirements is growing. As a result, everything is delayed by the discussion of the big picture. To avoid this, banks look for solutions that are flexible enough to meet all these requirements.

CoCoNet’s digital experience and integration platform provides just that flexibility and basic set-up to realize small and large digitization projects. A broad functionality is already available out-of-the-box – for the bank’s end users, for administrators and for developers. As a result, the solution can be taken live within a short time. From there on it can be successively expanded, for example to integrate more banking applications, new countries, additional user groups or practical workflows that simplify administrative processes.

“Our platform solution offers endless possibilities,” promises Björn Hassing, CEO of CoCoNet. “Right now, for example, we are implementing solutions for centralized credential management, secure document exchange and instant payment support for our customers. In doing so, we make use of the integrated tools and frameworks that enable us to adjust to different speeds at our customer’s side.”

One common touchpoint for your customers – the creation of future-proof interaction platforms is one typical digitization project

CoCoNet’s digital experience and integration platform provides various flexible interfaces for connecting different systems, such as user directories, CRM, CMS, existing verticals and/or external services from PSD2, core systems, Internet or Open Banking APIs. Additionally, it can integrate chat-bots or other AI functionality. Data from various sources can be easily integrated and orchestrated to generate new beneficial offerings for customers, or to learn more about the customer’s behavior.

To create individual functionality for different internal or external user groups, CoCoNet already offers embedded ready-to-go applications based on the well-established corporate banking suite, such as a full-featured payment and cash management solution.

Furthermore, the platform solution supports the creation of sophisticated and user-friendly interfaces for different entities, target groups or markets. Even existing legacy systems can become a new front-end and stand side by side with the newest applications, creating the perfect solution for a step-wise digitization process.

Many banks want to provide customers with new services in a superior customer experience by integrating existing legacy systems and combining them with new functionality.


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