Smart dashboards

Manage the complexity of financial information

Smart dashboards for treasurer

Banking Services should be simple, quick, channel-independent and tailored to the needs of the individual customer. However, the banking requirements of corporate customers are generally quite the opposite: Complex, multilevel and international. In order to achieve an outstanding user experience, it therefore becomes increasingly important to present complicated correlations and complex data in a user-friendly way in order to easily support outstanding decisions and design efficient workflows. 

The smart dashboards in our MULTIVERSA products provide financial managers with practical overviews on all relevant financial information in order to enhance tracking, analysing and planning efficiency. They quickly visualize key financial data to enable simple and intuitive workflows.

Benefits for bank’s customers

  • Great tool for tracking, analysing and planning
  • Exceptional user experience
  • Simplification of complicated correlations and complex data
  • Representing personal requirements
  • Easy to handle and share

Profits for the bank

  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Optimal customer retention rates
  • Convincing sales argument for winning new customers

Make it personal

The dashboards are highly customisable. Users can select their individual set of widgets and arrange them by simple drag & drop. Each widget can be configured to present the most valuable and useful set of information, e.g. by setting timeframes, selecting accounts or currencies and much more.

Banking software with smart dashboard

One is not enough?

Users can configure more than one dashboard to enable individual configured views on specific topics. The individual combination of widgets enables manifold use cases, such as

  • Multi dashboards for various corporations or countries within a multinational group to enable deep insights into associated accounts.
  • Multi dashboards to create summaries about specific tasks, such as one dashboard for payments, one for balances, one for deposits, etc.
  • Multi dashboards for multi-banking with views on the most important widgets per bank.
  • Furthermore, banks can pre-configure multi dashboards for their customers, e.g. a dashboard with widgets for additional bank services, contacts or information.
Dashboard for financial institutions

Be intelligent

Thanks to the system’s flexibility, we can even integrate an AI engine that analyses customer behavior. Based on pre-defined algorithms, MUTIVERSA FIP helps to improve workflows and enable exceptional user experience.  Among its many features, the engine can even recognize inefficient user operations and suggest solutions to optimize workflow.

Share it with colleagues

A perfectly configured dashboard with individually selected, arranged and ordered widgets can be very useful not only for an individual user, but also for colleagues within the same organisation. MULTIVERSA FIP features dashboard sharing functionality in order to allow users to share the most effective layouts.

Simple, intuitive and stunning data visualizations are vital to a banking platform's  user experience. Our smart dashboards make use of the  latest technologies and are open for new functionality, such as artificial intelligence features.

Dennis Rochel,
Head of Innovation at CoCoNet

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