Digital experience and integration platform - One common touchpoint for your customers

Create a future-proof digital interaction platform. Provide your customers with new services in a superior customer experience by integrating existing legacy systems and combining them with new functionality.

Users get data and functionality from various sources with flexible widgets, screens and portal sites.

Discover MULTIVERSA FIP for banks

With the digital experience platform MULTIVERSA FIP at the heart of your multi-channel digital banking strategy, you have the flexibility and tools to offer targeted solutions that make your various customer groups more efficient and successful.

Combine existing verticals, services and newly developed applications into one horizontal platform. Provide your customers with a web-based and mobile access point for reaching all digital applications, information and communication instruments through a convenient single sign-on portal with outstanding customer experience.

Create individual functionality for your target groups, by embedding ready-to-go applications based on CoCoNet products. We offer many prebuilt widgets that can be used in your platform. Additionally, the tools of MULTIVERSA FIP support the efficient development of new applications and widgets – completely or partly within the portal.

plateforme d'intégration numérique pour les entreprises

MULTIVERSA FIP for corporate and business banking

Provide your customers with outstanding digital banking services in one common touchpoint, such as:

  • International payments
  • Multi-banking cash management
  • Trade finance
  • Foreign exchange (FX)
  • Card management
  • Securities
  • Savings and deposits
  • Asset management
  • Loans
  • Leasing
  • Factoring
  • Supply chain
  • Market research
  • Customer analytics
  • Advertising
  • Applications for bank services
  • Document management
  • Communication centre
  • Onboarding
  • Digital selling
  • Digital legitimation and signature processes
• plateforme d'intégration numérique pour les banques de détail

MULTIVERSA FIP retail banking

Provide your customers with outstanding digital banking services in one common touchpoint, such as:

  • Current accounts
  • Payments
  • Multi-banking
  • Card management
  • Securities and deposit management
  • Loans
  • Savings
  • Customer analytics
  • Advertising
  • Applications for bank services
  • Document management
  • Communication centre

Discover MULTIVERSA FIP for Bank IT

Our digital experience and integration platform MULTIVERSA FIP provides the smartest solution for efficiently addressing three of your major challenges: the integration and orchestration of services and access & identity management.

Fantastic features and toolkits

Our horizontal platform solution offers many embedded applications, features and toolkits. Helpful frameworks and sophisticated administration tools enable efficient workflows and a short time to market.

Use of modern front-end technology  standards enables outstanding usability through responsive web and mobile user interfaces.

Integration module provides various flexible interfaces for connecting a bank’s technical systems, e.g. user directories, CRM, CMS, core banking systems, existing verticals, external services, such as PSD2, Internet, open APIs, etc.

The Portal Design Package enables individual front-end designs for each provider. We can create the user interface for you or we work together with your UX department.

The Application Development Centre  supports an efficient process for creating new services for customers, e.g. by orchestrating data from different sources into one new interactive tool. Thus, you can develop your own applications for the platform independent from other release cycles.

Workflow Manager can support user interaction with different related systems and departments, e.g. for the onboarding process.

The integrated API Manager uses open banking to offer new services in the banking platform.

Thanks to a Portal Site Concept, banks can manage several web portals within one system, for example, to set up different portals for bank entities or service portals for different target groups. That enables maximum CX and minimum efforts.

With the integrated Pagebuilder, you can easily create your own static pages within the solution. The Pagebuilder also includes several templates for small prebuild functionality.


  • Extraordinary customer satisfaction
    Positions your digital business ahead of competition
  • Consistent digital user experience
    For all bank users and customers covering all channels and devices
  • Flexible integration and quick time to market
    Through easy-to-use integration toolkits
  • High performance, scalability and reliability
    Allows you to run your future digital platform with zero down-time
  • Easy to implement with low risk
    Functionality allows you to plan step by step and execute a comprehensive digital transformation which fits into your digital transformation roadmap
  • High efficiency
    In digital transformation and platform maintenance
New products & services via APIs

Our solutions provide various flexible interfaces for connecting different systems, such as user directories, CRM, CMS, existing verticals and/or external services from PSD2, core systems, Internet, open APIs, etc.

Data from these sources can be easily integrated and orchestrated to gain new beneficial offerings for your customers. Thanks to the zero downtime architecture new features can be made available to the customers without disruption or time delay.

Stylish user interfaces

Create sophisticated and friendly user interfaces for your brand, for different entities, target groups or markets. Our UX designers support you in customizing and enhancing our out-of-the-box solutions. Based on a portal site concept, you can manage several web portals within one system, for example, to set up different portals for various entities or target groups.

Our customizing options include functionality, user interface, corporate design, security methods, etc. This dramatically reduces effort for the development, deployment and administration of separate systems.

Transform your business to digital

Our product is extremely flexible and scalable. Start your digital transformation at the most promising point or in your most important market. Include additional functionality and country specifics step by step – or decide to move in larger blocks.

Together, we create your digital transformation roadmap to enable lean and agile roll-outs, that are closely tailored to your market and customers’ needs.

The digital experience and integration platform is highly flexible on both sides – to the customer we offer excellent CX and broad functionality; to the provider we offer efficient workflow support and efficient administration.

Dennis Rochel
Head of MULTIVERSA FIP development at CoCoNet

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Comprehensive prebuilt functionalities are available

Fully featured payment and cash management solutions for corporate customers, incl. international format handling, multi-banking capabilities via PSD2 and EBICS.

Dashboard for clear presentation of the most relevant data in combined views with an outstanding user experience.

Widget library with many types and functionality, e.g. liquidity management, payment creation, task list, advertising banner and many more.

Communication Centre that enables secure document exchange and document authorization.

Onboarding module for the efficient acquisition and authentication of new customers. We can set up the underlying workflows to achieve high efficiency.

Know-your-customer analytics tool for analysing workflows, data and customer activities. Thanks to the right conclusions, you can improve your offerings and increase sales and cross-selling activities.

Market place capability offering your customers additional services in one place.

Specific security mechanisms, for example MULTIVERSA Token for Mobile and Desktop, integrated EBICS capabilities and token mechanisms such as VASCO or SWIFT 3SKey.

PSD2 Hub to enable multi-banking services for your customers. Become a TPP yourself!

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