Global Security Provider

Offer strong customer authentication and application authorization.

The demand for a secure authentication method that complies with current legal requirements at the same time as being extremely user-friendly is becoming increasingly important to financial institutions. In addition to the necessary security updates for existing legacy systems or the introduction of completely new financial services, the harmonization of various security methods in a digital banking platform with several integrated applications presents a particular challenge.

These are exactly the strengths of the Global Security Provider (GSP). It provides strong customer authentication (SCA) and authorization for all your bank’s applications for both established systems which don’t provide a SCA and for new banking services such as PSD2-based multi-banking apps.

Benefits for banks that want to improve their security methods for digital banking services

  • Be safe
    Reported cyber-attacks against financial institutions rose by 80% in 2017.
  • Fulfill legal requirements
    PSD2 requires strong customer authentication.
  • Enhanced user and customer experience
    Corporate users with access to several applications will welcome the reduced number of authenticators, card readers and passwords to store and remember.
  • Reduce costs
    Eliminating expensive device-based security methods such as tokens or smart cards that require high total costs of ownership (TCO) for devices and maintenance.
  • Provide new services
    Digital banking platforms enable single sign-on and common authorization within several integrated applications.

One security method for multiple applications

The Global Security Provider is perfect for enhancing existing and/or new digital banking applications with a common security for authentication, authorization and the related credential management.

The Global Security Provider is open to support various security methods. Banks can choose between the out-of-box methods MULTIVERSA Token for Mobile and Desktop or DIGIPASS 770 (OneSpan). Both solutions deliver ultimate protection against sophisticated fraud schemes such as phishing, social engineering and banking Trojans. In any case, GSP acts as a central authentication and authorization tool for all connected applications.

Providing security for applications and platforms

MULTIVERSA Token for Mobile

The token application for smartphones is a full security device that holds the required private keys for user authentication and authorizations for the connected applications such as payment authorizations in the PCM application. The mobile token app increases convenience securely for the bank’s corporate customers. It supports biometrical modes such as face or fingerprint ID.

Phone-as-a-token methods are characterized by lower total cost of ownership and offer better user experience than legacy one-time password (OTP) hardware tokens. They are therefore the methods of choice in a majority of new and refreshed token deployments.

MULTIVERSA Token for Desktop

The token supports the secure user authentication and authorisation of payments and other financial operations without any additional device. The application for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS fulfils the strong security requirements of PSD2 and complies with the EBICS standard. The obligatory RSA keys are safely stored on the user’s computer.

The need for other devices and security tokens, such as smartcards or RSA tokens becomes superfluous. For the bank, this means a significant simplification of logistics, and savings in terms of support and maintenance.

DIGIPASS 770 (OneSpan)

DIGIPASS 770 is a cost-efficient visual transaction signing solution with PIN protection. Critical transaction information, including payment details, is encrypted and automatically presented securely on DIGIPASS 770’s color display, ensuring that the transaction has not been tampered with. This 'What you see is what you sign" (WYSIWYS) feature is ideally suited to banks looking to use transaction signing signatures to secure online transactions without compromising on user-friendliness.

Global Security Provider
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