Digital bank-customer collaboration



Corporate customers have demanding requirements when communicating and exchanging documents as well as information with their bank. Besides fast and straightforward digital processes they expect a wide choice of different communication channels tailored to their needs.

Our digital collaboration product portfolio helps banks to bridge the digital gap between them and their customers to generate cost savings, accelerate processes and make them more convenient for both sides.

The Central Communication Hub creates a digital end-to-end connection between the bank and its customers in connection with the bank's internal CRM system and other applications, thus offering a bank’s customers a central touchpoint for various communication channels.

At the same time, it enables the central display of a wide range of customer data in the 360-degree customer overview to have a quick and comprehensive single source of information.

For a quick evaluation, data can be displayed in a visualised form on user-tailored dashboards. This gives each user group quick access to the information they need.


Benefits of our collaboration product portfolio at a glance

  • Improved banking processes between banks and their customers

    By connecting a bank’s numerous applications, incl. their CRM-system, to the Hub, a seamless digital process between banks and their customers and therefore a faster and more convenient exchange of documents and messages can be ensured.
  • Convenient digital signature processes

    Digital signatures help to sign documents easily and conveniently, and are offered depending on the different legal requirements.
  • Quick customer data overview

    A central display of all customer data speeds up the analysis of these and enables the bank to always have an overview of the current customer situation.
  • Central touchpoint for managing documents and messages from diverse applications

    Diverse products/services, messages and documents from different applications can be managed in one central place to ensure a convenient view and handling.

Versatile services and ready-to-use features take collaboration with your customers to the next level.

The Central Communication Hub combines all the necessary functions for a complete digital exchange process in one common place.

The 360-degree customer overview enables a quick analysis of extensive customer data from different systems in one central location.

Dedicated user-tailored dashboards enable quick and visible placement of important data for the respective user group.

With our Co-browsing & Video Chat Module banks can directly assist customers.

We support various methods for distributed digital identification and signing that are eIDAS compliant, e.g., DocuSign®, IDnow, Adobe Sign.

Our Salesforce™/ Microsoft Dynamics Customer Insights™- Connectors enable fast connection to the bank's CRM system. Further connectors can be provided on request.

Formbuilder and workflow engine offer maximum flexibility, for example, in the easy creation and adjustment of multi-field dialogues for forms and applications. This enables banks to make changes quickly and cost-effectively.

Customer analytics supports banks in the analysis and continuous improvement of their processes.

The internal calendar integration (Microsoft Exchange™) allows fast appointment setting directly in the portal as well as a targeted meeting preparation.

Our Consultants accelerate your strategic digital development to find the best way to progress your business.

Central Communication Hub

The Central Communication Hub can easily be connected to the bank's internal CRM system as well as to other applications of the bank and thus acts as a connection in the processes between customer and bank. It does not only provide customers with a central point of contact where they can view and manage all documents and messages from the various applications, but also enables fully digital processes between banks and their customers: From secure message exchange to digital signature processes and the subsequent storage in the central document management.

Supplementary alerts always keep the customer up to date on new messages and events.

Secure and clearly arranged message threads

With a facility for secure and bi-directional message exchange, all participants stay up to date, and information as well as documents can be exchanged quickly, securely and reliably.

Optimised workflows for document exchange

The task functionality enables the customer adviser to start a digital process and address it to one or more users for further processing. When starting a signature process, for example, individual process steps can be clearly tracked.

Always up to date by using alerts/notifications

To get proactively informed about new data and activities, such as an open task, users can activate the alerts/notification function. They can choose between different information channels, e.g., email, SMS, portal or push notification.

Accelerated processes with digital signatures

Obtaining signatures is significantly accelerated by the use of digital signatures, especially when several people are involved in the process.

We offer different methods of digitally signing documents, depending on the respective legal requirements:

From advanced electronic signatures (AES) to qualified electronic signatures (QES) with DocuSign or Adobe Sign, for example, which are regarded as legally binding signatures.

One central place for storing documents

A central point of access for documents from all systems facilitates the search for and exchange of information. The creation of own folder structures allows personalised filing options.

The document management can also be used to remind a bank’s corporate customers of documents that are due and make it easier for them to submit the documents.

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    customer overview

    A comprehensive overview at any time

    The 360-degree customer overview informs the customer adviser about the current situation of  a customer's company and business and offers a quick all-round view.

    The 360-degree customer overview, adapted to the customers’ needs, gives them a central overview of their accounts, authorised users and much more...


    Key benefits for banks

    Convenient access
    to valuable customer data in one central location.

    Dashboard Add
    Quick identification

    of sales opportunities and customer needs.


    Rapid detection

    of changes in customer behaviour.

    Ensure an enhanced customer experience
    By providing competent advice at all times or by offering customers their own 360-degree view for a quick overview.

    Learn more about our 360-degree customer oveview

    We'd like to show you more of our 360-degree customer overview. Our experts can demonstrate the powerful overview and will be happy to answer your questions.

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      User-tailored dashboards

      For successful collaboration, different perspectives have to be considered

      To ensure a successful collaboration between banks and their customers, our user-tailored dashboards can enable everyone involved to get quick access to the information needed.

      Relationship Manager

      Keep track of your Sales KPIs and quickly identify potential sales approaches.


      Customer Supporter

      The dashboard provides quick access to customer data to ensure a holistic support and a smooth exchange of information, internally and with the customer.


      Provide your customer users with a quick overview of open inquiries and messages as well as all available contact channels. Personalised product offers allow you to provide targeted support to your customers.

      Benefit from our user-tailored dashboards

      • Clearly visualised information
        helps to get a comprehensive overview.
      • Quickly adaptable
        to the respective needs of the users.
      • Your assistant for a quick data overview
        to save valuable time.

      Learn more about our user-tailored dashboards

      We'd like to show you more of our user-tailored dashboards. Our experts can demonstrate the powerful overview and will be happy to answer your questions.

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      Your data is safe with us. For more information, please refer to our privacy policy.

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