Customer satisfaction with CoCoNet increases – a constant trend over time

  • CoCoNet’s corporate banking customers are very satisfied with the overall quality of the software, with MULTIVERSA IFP and MULTIVERSA IBS receiving particularly high ratings.
  • Customers appreciate the CoCoNet’s know-how and their high level of technical support. MULTIVERSA FIP received top marks here.

According to the latest customer research, CoCoNet’s corporate banking customers continue to be extremely satisfied with their products and services.

A survey among more than 40 customers carried out last year showed that overall customer satisfaction had increased by two points compared to the previous year, when satisfaction was already very high. Over the years, customers have increasingly expressed a high level of satisfaction with CoCoNet.

The research showed that customers were very satisfied with the overall quality of the CoCoNet software, with the payment and cash management solution MULTIVERSA IFP receiving particularly high ratings. When it came to smooth release changes, the MULTIVERSA IBS e-banking hub received the best marks.

In addition, customers were impressed by the skills and qualifications of CoCoNet team and the high level of technical support, especially with regard to the digital experience platform MULTIVERSA FIP.

CoCoNet conducted the research between May and December 2020 by interviewing customers directly over the phone or by asking them to fill out electronic questionnaires. Citi, ING, JP Morgan, HSBC and UniCredit were among the customers who participated in the survey.

“At CoCoNet we take customer satisfaction very seriously and are therefore pleased with the results of our latest survey,” said Axel B. Wiethoff, CFO and COO of CoCoNet.

He continued: “At the same time, we are taking on board our customers’ feedback and continually looking for ways to improve. We will certainly not use this year’s excellent survey results as an excuse for complacency. In fact, I will personally deal intensively with the few areas where the feedback did not meet the high standards that we have set ourselves. I will also take steps to address specific concerns or issues that have arisen.”

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