Customer Lifecycle Management Platform

Corporate customers value personal advice and support, and at the same time appreciate digital innovations that improve efficiency.

Our Customer Lifecycle Management Platform helps banks to efficiently manage processes and workflows, reducing cost and effort. Equally importantly – it builds up and increases customer loyalty from the very beginning.


Our extensive solution portfolio enables banks to improve the way corporate customers are managed and served throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Integration capabilities

The underlying platform offers a flexible basis for integration and orchestration of existing systems and applications.

Process digitalisation

With both our consulting and technical expertise, we help to identify optimisation potential and to combine existing and new processes into seamless digital workflows.

Workflow design

By mapping and automating processes, we support banks in assigning the appropriate responsible persons in the right place to ensure a smooth transition of tasks.

Powerful services and prebuilt features to enable next generation customer lifecycle management

The fully featured Communication Centre enables secure exchange of information and documents between banks and their corporate customers.

By using the Tasks Module banks can create easy workflows to improve interaction with their customers.

With our Co-browsing & Video Chat Module banks can directly assist customers.

We support various methods for distributed digital identification and signing that is eIDAS compliant, e.g. DocuSign, IDnow.

Our Consultants accelerate your strategic digital development to develop the best way to progress your business.

The Formbuilder helps banks to easily create multiple field-related dialogs for forms and applications.

A Workflow Engine supports the efficient management of any kind of process between different people and departments at the bank and at the corporate customer.

Dedicated Adviser Portals provide various teams within the bank with efficient and targeted views of data and documents.

The Portal Entitlement Console facilitates centralised administration and targeted assignment of security methods to individual customers, users and applications.


Create efficient and customer-friendly onboarding processes by digitising the complete workflow including recording new corporate customers’ data, verifying it, setting up systems, opening accounts, providing and activating security.

Enable your customers to quickly benefit from your products and services by means of seamless digital workflows with self-service possibilities and quick straight-through processing.

Replace an expensive paper-based document exchange by secure digital file exchange including eIDAS compliant identification and e-signing.


A positive onboarding experience starts new customer relationships on the right footing and avoids high churn rates.

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Customer care

Offer great user experience with comprehensive communication and collaboration tools such as chat, document exchange, e-signing and co-browsing.

Improve efficiency in customer care processes by digitising the direct communication and document-based workflows between your corporate customers and their contact persons in the bank.

Enable seamless customer advice by integration and expansion of existing systems and channels.


Taking care of your customers ensures their satisfaction and loyalty.


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Customer analytics

Gain a better understanding of your customers by collecting, aggregating and analysing customer data.

Provide more targeted services by discovering valuable insights about your corporate customers.

Increase customer satisfaction by offering the right services at the right moment.

A reliable banking partner for corporate customers provides them with valuable insights for improving their business.

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