Fully featured payment and cash management solution for multinationals

MULTIVERSA IFP offers large conglomerates a central, domestic and inter­national online and mobile banking access channel with a convenient dash­board. The system can be operated by banks, service providers or corporates.

Corporate users will soon appreciate the comprehensive user-friendly payment and cash management solution – web-based and mobile.

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Payment and cash management solution

The user interfaces of the digital banking portal MULTIVERSA IFP clearly displays information on payments and accounts, and supports easy-to-use workflows on any device. Users can configure, filter, sort, print and save their personal views and lists.

MULTIVERSA IFP is one of the best corporate financial portals worldwide. 

Greenwich Associates of Stamford, US

The user-friendliness of MULTIVERSA IFP is outstanding – thanks to a trendy and compact dashboard, and clearly structured and easy-to-use interfaces with numerous practical features and help tools.

Users and administrators work on individually configured interfaces in their local language – via a web browser on their PC or on their mobile device. MULTIVERSA IFP easily enables the automatic up- and download of files from ERP and treasury management systems.

Thousands of corporate customers in over 30 countries already work with the payment and cash management solution on a daily basis. The sophisticated permissions management and configuration options allow an inter­national usage in large conglomerates.

MULTIVERSA IFP combines the advantages of an out-of-the-box product, such as a short time to market, cost transparency, cost savings, continuous product development and years of practical experience.


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