Instant Payments & Real-time balances

Speed up corporate banking with real-time information and action

The introduction of instant payments and real-time banking services promote the development of digitised banking services for banks' corporate customers. The use cases range from immediate cash pooling services to ad-hoc loans or direct trade payments. Efficient real-time liquidity management can be achieved through a unified view of accounts with multiple banking relationships, e.g. by integrating data via PSD2 APIs. Based on this information, decisions can be made quickly and executed immediately to avoid unnecessary corporate loans.

The offer to support instant payments is voluntary for banks. However, as instant payments are becoming increasingly popular in the retail banking sector, they will also generate demand in the corporate customer segment. Only banks that can quickly meet these requirements provide themselves and their customers with a competitive advantage.

Benefits for banks' corporate customers

  • Speeds up transactions and business
  • Direct execution of urgent payments, e.g. for trade
  • Real-time control over liquidity
  • Immediate cash pooling to avoid corporate loans
  • Facilitate new interactions in buying and selling processes
  • Enables new pay-per-use services

To enable instant payments, banks need to build up new or enhance existing back-end systems. They are facing major challenges in 24/7/365 availability and direct clearing processes: SEPA INST payments having similar structures and configuration as SEPA payments, but with instant priority. They are based on the pain.001.001.03 format.

Our Corporate Banking Suite supports the associated front-end process and related routing workflows. The transaction communication hub MULTIVERSA IBS can process instant payments according to the different standardisations and demands.

The payment and cash management solution MULTIVERSA IFP handles incoming instant payments and provides immediate information in the cash management reports. The system sends an authorised instant payment directly to the bank's back-end and gets the response immediately within seconds. The solution includes positive and negative status messages. Additional notifications were implemented, e.g. to inform a user about incoming instant payments, or about the status of instant payments sent.

10 seconds
The money will be available in the account of the payee within 10 seconds.

SCT Inst transactions will be available 24/7/365.

Max 15,000 / 100,000 €
For credit transfers made in € with a maximum amount of €15,000 (from July 2020: max €100,000).

34 countries
Transactions will be possible in the 34 countries which are within the scope of the current SEPA scheme.

More and more companies are demanding payment transactions without any delay. Some countries have local instant payment standards already. Now new initiatives have been started. The EPC introduced SEPA INST. Based on these initiatives, instant payments will become the 'new normal' in transaction banking over time.

Frank Dux, 
Managing Director at CoCoNet

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