Customer analytics

Gain insights to drive profitability and sustainable growth

Are you looking to optimize potential, create optimally efficient marketing activities, streamline processes, and reduce efforts in consulting, administration or support?

The better a bank knows its customers, the more it can tailor products and services to their individual needs. It is therefore only logical that a deep understanding of both customer and user behavior means a decisive competitive advantage for every customer-centric bank.

The right insights from customer analytics can provide a basis for better decision making, and the development of new products and services to achieve growth or significant cost reductions.

Based on our MULTIVERSA products, we enable the collection, analysis and interpretation of your customer’s data. We provide a data-driven foundation for future-oriented business decisions involving process optimization, product development, marketing and more.

Customer analytics help banks to

  • Gain a solid basis for strategic decision-making
  • Raise profits with personalized, situational cross-selling campaigns
  • Promote or test new features and services, and monitor their effects
  • Save on support efforts for unused features
  • Identify unfaithful customer behavior
  • Optimize support capacities

Customer analytics and MULTIVERSA products

We help banks to better understand their corporate customers and develop beneficial insights. We collect relevant data from MULTIVERSA products into a big data lake. We then configure and structure this data. Together with the right evaluation parameters, we then achieve compact and valuable information.

We use common tools such as Kibana to provide the analytical results in compact dashboards, with configurable personal views and report downloads. Additionally, alerts and notifications can be set for specific events.

Furthermore, our MULTIVERSA products enable automated actions based on specific data correlations. For example, MULTIVERSA FIP can display a widget that promotes preferential loan conditions whenever a customer overdraws their account for a defined period.

Customer analytics for banks

In detail: Customer analytics and MULTIVERSA IFP

The payment and cash management solution MULTIVERSA IFP provides customer analytics with a three-level approach:

Operator dashboard

for administrators to enable real-time monitoring and process planning, e.g.:

  • All users currently online
  • Usage of devices, browsers etc.
  • Number of active/inactive users
  • Transaction volume of all / selected customers
  • Session durations


Customer details

for consultants and advisors to enable efficient customer communication, e.g.:

  • General information
  • Overview of bank services in use
  • Overview of customer activities
  • Summarized banking data, such as liquidity, transaction volume, BTR usage


Specific recommendations

for marketing or product management to enable data-driven cross-selling activities and service improvements, e.g.:

  • Which products are used and how often?
  • What are the most used channels to sign/import transactions?
  • Do customers use accounts with other banks?


We know that companies who analyze their customers' behavior lay the foundation for increasing customer loyalty and growth, and within our products we already have a lot of these useful data. So, let’s talk about your options...

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Head of R&D at CoCoNet

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