CoCoNet’s smart digital experience platform for banks wows delegates at Europe’s biggest fintech event

  • Smart dashboard functionality is a highlight of CoCoNet’s Digital Experience & Integration Platform
  • Revolutionary security token attracts considerable interest

CoCoNet’s next-generation digital banking solutions attracted a high level of interest from delegates at Europe’s biggest fintech event this week.

Delegates at Money 20/20 were impressed by the smartness of CoCoNet’s Digital Experience & Integration Platform, which allows to banks to combine existing functionality with new applications to deliver a smooth and streamlined customer experience. They were also appreciative of the way in which CoCoNet’s platform integrates core, bank and third-party systems, as well as Open Banking API services, such as PSD2 data, and how it partners with other organisations to create outstanding solutions for banks that increase customer satisfaction and acquisition.

A particular highlight for delegates was the platform’s smart dashboard functionality. The dashboards, which can be powered by artificial intelligence, help banks to simplify and enhance the experience that they provide to their customers. They give banks’ customers a centralised, compact and easy-to-read overview of their relevant financial data. The dashboards also facilitate collaboration among different members of a customer organisation by enabling them to share information easily with each other.

Identity and access management capabilities were a major theme of Money 20/20. For this reason, CoCoNet’s revolutionary security token attracted a lot of interest from event delegates. The token for desktops and mobiles is a user-friendly solution that enables banks’ customers to log into their online banking portal or approve payments without having to rely on external devices such as RSA tokens, smartcards or USB sticks.

Money 20/20 in Amsterdam was a showcase for the most exciting ideas and powerful technologies that are emerging in the banking and finance space, with speakers including Patrick Collison, CEO of Stripe, Lindsey Argalas, Chief Digital and Innovation Officer at Banco Santander, and Claire Calmejane, Group Chief Innovation Officer at Société Générale.

The focus of the event, which was attended by both finance industry decision-makers and fintech pioneers, was on the technical innovations taking place in fintech today. So, there was a lot of discussion around artificial intelligence, payments and the use of technology to enhance the user experience.

“All round, Money 20/20 was a very successful event that provided a lot of insight into how the fintech industry is evolving and what our banking customers expect from their fintech partners,” said Björn Hassing, Chief Technology Officer at CoCoNet. “The market is clearly evolving towards platforms, and while many fintechs are focusing entirely on the retail banking market, CoCoNet can differentiate with a comprehensive offer for corporate banks.”

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