Fully featured payment and cash management solution

MULTIVERSA IFP offers corporate customers a central, domestic and international online and mobile e-banking access channel with a convenient dashboard. The system can be operated by banks, service providers or corporates. Corporate customers will soon appreciate the comprehensive user-friendly payment and cash management solution – web-based and mobile.


MULTIVERSA IFP International Finance Portal meets all requirements regarding a modern, international e-banking solution. The finance portal

  • offers central operations for all types of corporate customers.
  • provides comprehensive applications for domestic and international payment transactions, Balance and Transaction Reportings (BTR) as well as cash management.
  • supports manifold international e-banking standards and formats, like SEPA, EBICS, PSD2 and SWIFT.
  • meets highest security and performance standards.

The user-friendliness of MULTIVERSA IFP is outstanding – thanks to a trendy and compact dashboard, and clearly structured and easy-to-use interfaces with numerous practical features and help-tools.

The solution provides the current status of financial data anywhere, at any time in a responsive design for PCs, laptops and tablets.

Greenwich Associates of Stamford, US confirmed in 2016: MULTIVERSA IFP is one of the best corporate financial portals worldwide.


MULTIVERSA IFP combines the advantages of an out-of-the-box product, such as short time-to-market, cost transparency, cost savings, continuous product development, and years of practical experience.

Users and administrators work on individually configured interfaces in their local language – via web browser on their PC or on their mobile device. MULTIVERSA IFP easily enables the automatic up- and download of files from customers’ ERP and treasury management systems.

Up-to-date extensions

Mobile e-banking with MULTIVERSA IFP App for smartphones

Users keep track of their transactions and balances at any time. They can sign payments digitally, create new payments and send them to the bank. Together with the e-banking portal MULTIVERSA IFP the bank’s corporate customer users can easily change from the office to mobile. The MULTIVERSA IFP App supports digital signatures.

MULTIVERSA Mobile Token App for secure authentication and authorisation

With the MULTIVERSA Mobile Token App the portal provides its users a convenient and secure solution for authentication and authorisation via smartphones. Thus, banks can minimise their efforts for providing and maintaining expensive security measures such as smartcards.

Functionalities in MULTIVERSA IFP



for banks
for corporates
Financial dashboard application
Dashboard with comfortable widgets
Domestic and international payment transactions
Import of payments from ERP or TMS systems
Manual payment entry
Secure authorisation of payments through one or multiple signatories with Distributed Digital Signature
Cash Management
Balance and Transaction reporting
Account statements, transactions, value balances, intra-day reports
Liquidity overview
Cash pooling
Deposits of securities
Further applications
Multi-banking capability through EBICS and PSD2
MULTIVERSA Mobile Token App for authentication and authorisation with smartphones
Mobile access via MULTIVERSA IFP App
Alerting via email or SMS
Messaging of important information
E-document mailbox
E-invoicing to send and receive invoices digitally
Trade finance documents, such as import/export letters of credit, bank guarantees, documentary collections
Virtual accounts bound to real bank accounts
User-friendly features
Multilingual user interfaces
Branded user interfaces in the familiar corporate design