Central communication hub for all e-banking data

MULTIVERSA IBS International Banking Server connects different customer access channels to the bank’s back-end systems. Thus, banks and service providers can merge existing portal solutions, offline systems and proprietary channels for different target groups and countries into one single, central platform.

MULTIVERSA IBS supports all current e-banking standards, such as EBICS and SWIFT. The integrated payment factory is able to handle any payment format, allowing the operator to react flexibly to every customer’s needs. As an efficient order manager, the system provides many features for receiving, processing, converting, splitting, routing and forwarding data. The modular design supports a flexible integration of many existing and future front-end- and back-end channels. The system is based on the last JAVA EE and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) technology.

As a central middleware MULTIVERSA IBS, is the hub for receiving and forwarding all e-banking data. User-friendly, multilinguale interfaces allow a web-based administration and maintenance of the entire MULTIVERSA IBS system – independent of location and time. In addition, customer advisors can make use of practical functionalities in terms of customer relationship management (CRM).


Processing components of MULTIVERSA IBS

Online data processing

  • Direct processing of send and fetch orders submitted by the customers’ systems
  • Validation of permissions
  • Decryption
  • Formal message checks and validation of electronic signatures
  • Validation via host interface, for example for the PIN/TAN procedure


Universal format processing

  • Reception of standard payment formats, such as SEPA, SWIFT, CGI
  • Provision of common statement formats, such as MT940, MT942, CAMT
  • Conversion of input format through an internal XML-based meta-format into any output format