Experience and integration platform for digital banking applications

Many banks want to provide their corporate customers with a common digital banking platform for an entire digital customer relationship management. The customer can use all relevant banking applications through the portal and get important information about his financial status and the bank’s products. With the MULTIVERSA FIP Financial Integration Platform CoCoNet presents an overall omni-channel portal, allowing banks to offer a user experience that stands out from the crowd.

MULTIVERSA FIP is a portal solution with embedded applications, features and toolkits. The system enables banks to comfortably combine existing and newly developed applications and verticals into one banking portal, focussing on business and corporate customers – from payments to personal advertising. The bank’s customers get a web-based and mobile access point for reaching all digital banking applications, information and communication instruments through a convenient single sign-on portal.

MULTIVERSA FIP allows an easy integration of the bank’s existing verticals and financial applications as well as building and integrating new applications and information by means of the MULTIVERSA FIP tools. Thanks to a portal site concept, banks can manage several web portals within one system, for example, to set up different portals for bank entities or service portals for different target groups.

Embedded features, applications and toolkits

MULTIVERSA FIP meets the top requirements of bank’s corporate and business customers. The system offers a broad set of features, functionally and technical highlights:

Portal features The portal provides many features out of the box, allowing a great user experience with all integrated applications:

  • Single sign-on
  • User directory
  • Omni-channel UI
  • Portal sites
  • Dashboards
  • Widgets
  • Menus
  • Communication centre
  • Bank contact management


MULTIVERSA FIP provides various flexible interfaces to connect a bank’s technical systems, e.g., User Directory, CRM, CMS, existing bank verticals, e.g., Trade Finance, FX, Leasing, and/or a bank’s or external services from PSD2, Core banking systems, Internet, OpenAPIs, etc.  

Portal toolkits and administration

The portal offers helpful toolkits and sophisticated administration possibilities to build new applications and to connect already existing services.


Integrated applications, widgets and services MULTIVERSA FIP integrates several applications, widgets and services into one central portal. The bank can flexibly combine the portal’s functionalities by embedding ready-to-go applications based on other CoCoNet products, connecting existing verticals and/or developing new applications. CoCoNet already offers many prebuilt widgets that can be used by the bank and their customers. Additionally, the tools of MULTIVERSA FIP support the efficient development of new applications and widgets – completely or partly within the portal. Integrated applications can be, for example:

  • International payments
  • Cash Management
  • Securities and deposit management
  • Card Management
  • Trade Finance
  • Advertising
  • Foreign Exchange (FX)
  • Savings
  • Loans
  • Market research
  • Leasing
  • Supply Chain
  • Factoring
  • Asset Management
  • Applications for bank services
  • Bank contact management
  • etc.


Central digital banking platform for corporate customers

unifying existing banking services and new applications for different countries and target groups

Consistent user experience

for all bank users, integrating all applications, covering all devices

Comprehensive prebuilt set of functionalities

fully-featured Payment and Cash Management solutions and many more ready-to-go features

Bank-specific security mechanisms

for example, MULTIVERSA Mobile Token, integrated EBICS capabilities, and  token mechanisms such as VASCO or SWIFT 3SKey

Usage of modern front-end technology standards

outstanding usability through responsive web and mobile user interfaces

High performance, scalability and reliability

with zero down-time

Flexible integration and quick time-to-market

through comfortable integration toolkits 

Comprehensive customising options

functionality, user interface, corporate design, security methods