Initiating and Receiving instant payments

More and more companies worldwide are demanding payment transactions without any delay. Some countries have local instant payment standards already. Now new initiatives have been started. The EPC introduced “SEPA Inst”, a new scheme for instant payments in Europe. SWIFT already works on global solutions. Based on these initiatives, instant payments, also called ‘real-time’ or ‘immediate’ payments, might become the ‘new normal’ in transaction banking over time.


The advantages for companies are obvious: immediate and last-minute payments help the banks’ treasurers and their counterparts on customer site to gain more transparency and control over liquidity and cash management. The immediate confirmations between payers and payees additionally facilitate new interactions in buying and selling processes.

CoCoNet’s digital banking solutions will support the associated front-end processes and related routing workflows. Thus, MULTIVERSA products are the perfect and convenient digital banking solution to send and receive instant payments.



MULTIVERSA IFP users can initiate instant payments easily via the payment entry form. After authorisation, the system sends the payment directly to the bank’s back-end and gets the response immediately within a few seconds.

MULTIVERSA IFP informs the user about the positive or negative status of the transaction.


MULTIVERSA IFP presents incoming instant payments immediately in the cash management reports, next to the current intraday reports.

Users can set an alert to get immediate information about incoming instant payments via SMS, for example.



With the support of immediate payments in MULTIVERSA IFP banks can support new innovative business models of their corporate customers.



The digital banking server MULTIVERSA IBS will process instant payments according to the different standardisations and demands.

The system enables the entry of instant payments through various access channels (EBICS, web services, etc.). MULTIVERSA IBS immediately performs the necessary checks: access, format validation, account permission, maximum amount, double entry and authorisation; and routes the instant payment to the bank’s back-end system via a bank-specific real-time interface. Optional further checks are possible, e.g. AML, embargo and account coverage.




MULTIVERSA IBS accepts the execution confirmation of the instant payments from the bank’s back-end system via the bank-specific real-time interface and returns the processing result immediately to the customer.


With MULTIVERSA IBS there is no need for the bank to implement a customer-bank interface, and it ensures the permissibility and correctness of the payment.