Transaction banking portals by CGI and CoCoNet

CGI and CoCoNet announce a joint showcase which will be presented at the CGI Innovation Hub Session at Sibos 2017 in Toronto. Experts from CGI and CoCoNet look at the challenges and benefits of providing banks’ transaction banking and corporate clients with an API enabled single online portal for all their transaction banking needs.

The exemplary integration of CGI’s Trade360® into CoCoNet’s portal solution showcases how banks could provide the full range of trade, supply, payment and cash management products in one common touch point to their customers. The portal with a powerful and stylish user interface is open to integrate any banking application or external service to create a unique transaction banking offering with outstanding user experience.

This approach enables banks to transform and combine their product offerings into a truly state-of-the-art digital face to their customers allowing them to create value, share cross-product data, improve audit and control and reduce administration overhead.

CGI market research has shown a rising demand over the last three years by corporates requesting their banks to provide this service. This portal delivers on these demands providing both banks and their clients with a flexible architecture capable of supporting current demands as well as laying the foundations for future requirements such as those raised through new regulations like PSD2 and Open Banking.

Transaction banking portal by CGI and CoCoNet. Banks’ transaction banking and corporate customers get one common touchpoint for all banking services, with outstanding UX and integration capabilities.

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