Extension of management at CoCoNet Poland

In February 2018 Adam Surulo was appointed as additional manager of CoCoNet Poland. He will share the management activities of the Polish subsidiary with Daniel Slobodzian, who had been carrying out this task on his own lately.

Björn Hassing, CEO of CoCoNet explains: “With the appointment of Adam into the Management Board of CoCoNet Poland, we take the next step to expand our business opportunities. He is keen on making meaningful improvements that bring the company forward.” Adam Surulo, aged 38, joined CoCoNet in 2015 and has since become a valuable member of the project management team. Being a graduate of computer science, he has a strong background in IT and will keep having a focus on technology and systems integration at CoCoNet Poland.

Together with Daniel Slobodzian, he will work on the strategic development of the Polish subsidiary. While sharing general management tasks, both will remain loyal to their dedicated customers that they have built strong relationships with over the years. The subsidiary in Poland acts as the software development centre within the CoCoNet group.

The management team of CoCoNet Poland: Adam Surulo and Daniel Slobodzian

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