CoCoNet listed in Gartner’s banker’s guide to transaction banking service providers

Gartner’s banker’s guide to transaction banking service providers has recently published. CoCoNet is one of only four European providers included in the survey. Following Gartner banks are typically looking for transaction banking service solutions that fit their specific functional requirements, as well as geographical needs.

Gartner prognoses an increasing competition, not only between banks, but also with Fintechs and other new players for example in the payments and lending spaces. Therefore, Gartner recommends banks to manage their transaction service offerings as digital platforms and integrate their vertical service offerings — cash management, trade finance and supply chain finance — on these platforms. The provider comparisons focused mainly on the delivery channel capabilities. In the three categories online channel, mobile channel and open banking channel, Gartner analysed the provider offerings.

CoCoNet’s digital experience and integration platform, MULTIVERSA FIP, by the way the latest development in the survey, convinces with many integrated features and out-of-the-box functionality. Even in the resume, Gartner points out CoCoNet’s strong footprint in the areas of payment and cash management throughout Europe.

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