Authentication and authorisation mechanisms with JavaScript

A financial system must be secure – but also very comfortable. CoCoNet’s new EBICS-based authentication and authorisation mechanisms for the payment and cash management solution MULTIVERSA IFP provide both security and ease of use. With the help of JavaScript, a script language developed specifically for dynamic user interactions and supported by all popular browsers, users can easily access their EBICS key.

The mechanism is remarkably easy for the user: when logging into the system, he selects the key storage location, e.g. a USB stick with the EBICS key. Then he enters his password and – if everything is correct – is granted access. To release orders, he only has to enter the password.

In addition to registration and approval, the JavaScript solution includes many other security-relevant functions, such as user registration, key or password changes and the export of keys for mobile use, for example with the MULTIVERSA EBICS App or the MULTIVERSA Mobile Token App. TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH, Essen tested the soft-token-based EBICS authentication and authorisation mechanism via JavaScript and confirmed the security-critical effectiveness.

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