SaaS and BPO services for international banks

In today’s dynamic markets, banks must act quickly and proactively to create business opportunities. Providing efficient solutions on time without high IT-infrastructure costs is a strong motivation for banks to outsource transaction services to a competent and reliable partner.


CenTRXs Software as a Service is an efficient solution for banks who want to keep pace with the increased level of technology investment required to remain competitive with the largest banks in the industry. Corporate customers expect the best service! CenTRXs tailored services provide competent manpower to personally answer questions, help in specific situations and counsel on defined topics.

Running a financial software system at the bank requires significant long-term investments in people and technology. But not necessarily: CenTRXs includes software hosting in secure, highly available data centre environments, within a close co-operation with a leading data centre provider with locations in all major European markets.

Additional customer support services of CenTRXs can reduce the banks’ efforts for on-boarding, hotline and consulting even more.



CenTRXs Software as a Service

Application and Managed Services

  • Application services, such as testing and maintenance.
  • Managed services incl. continuous monitoring of all system and network components, maintenance of system software, firewall management, reporting, provisions of statistics, KPIs and SLA benchmarks

Data Center Services

  • Provision of the IT infrastructure, incl. the hardware for systems and network components
  • High available Internet connections
  • 365/24 availability with 99,95% ratio


CenTRXs Business Process Services

Customer support

      • Client support in the on-boarding process
      • Setting up Payment Factories for corporate clients
      • Customised reporting or archiving solutions
      • 24/5 customer service hotline


      • Consultancy services regarding multi-banking
      • Advising clients concerning technical and format questions

Convincing benefits

Expertise Long-term partnership with leading international banks, many years of experience in transaction banking
centrxs_security Security Security experts for e-banking, mobile and web-based accesses, authentication and authorisation, highest physical and technical data protection
centrxs_quality Quality Frequent testing, certified product development, quality-, security-, and service management systems (ISO 27000 and ISO 9001)
centrxs_sustainability Substainability State-of-the-art technologies, scalable hard- and software, robust, high performing, agile development
centrxs_efficiency Efficiency Comfortable, modular e-banking solutions, saving of time, material and manpower